#44-1 Craig's 1st Beach House Visit, Edging Matt -

Approx Run Time: 42 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 19


The First Visit, Edging Matt: Could there be such a thing as an “expert’ muscle worshipper and cocker server, if there is then its Craig. 

During his first visit Matt and Craig hung out, kicked back.  Then when Matt was ready, he put on the musclematt mask, stripped to his underwear and showed off flexing and posing his shredded summer body.  Matt is so ripped and lean in this one his skin almost looks transparent.  Then, Craig is allowed to touch Matt, feeling and massaging his biceps, pecs, legs, abs and shoulders.  You can hear the ecstasy in Craig’s voice as his dream comes true.

Then on his knees and Matt’s raging 8 inch muscle boner in his face, Craig grabs hold of it deep throats it like a champ right to his big hanging nuts.  Up and down his throat Craig takes Matt’s cock and services his muscle stud.  Moaning and gagging telling Matt, “You are the hottest fucking guy with the nicest cock I have ever seen.”  He wanted to edge Matt for as long as he could take it and he did over an hour of total cock service, bringing Matt right to the edge then stopping.  Matt moved from standing to sitting on a near by beach chair for more body massaging, worship and cock service deep throat.  Edging Matt more and more and licking his pre-cum.  They move to the bed room where Matt can not longer take it, watch this un-edited scene as Matt fights and holds back from cumming but can’t.  He looks at the camera and says “Shit, I am gonna cum!” Watch as the camera bounces while I scramble to get the cum shot and Matt jumps to his feet to feed Craig the massive load he worked so hard to build up.  Bursts of Matt’s thick white muscle milk shoot into Craigs mouth and on the black worship mask.  Watch Craig eat it all up like licking a melting, dripping ice-cream cone!

Bonus Footage:  Then Craig sits back to jerk off and talks you through how he felt to get to touch and taste Matt.

Craig's Second Visit to The Beach House #44-2 is a different story Matt Pounds him out like only Matt can do! Check it out!

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Comments: 4

Love all the pec and bicep worship here. When Craig moans as he grabs Matt's perfect biceps... SO hot
Matt got worshiped like he desires. I would love to run my hands all over Matt's body. And I would really love having his very nice thick cock sliding in and out of my mouth.
yes pec worship videos!
Great movie for pec lovers like me. Craig spends time feeling and massaging Matt's pecs, and licking his nipple a little, too. Kyle's pecs haven't gotten the attention they deserve, yet, and I'm hoping to see some similar pec worship with him soon.