43 Scene 1 Boys and Their Toys: Mark Cums on his Motorcycle Seat -

Approx Run Time: 19 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 3


Mark’s Scene from DVD #43, Boys and Their Toys.  after the girl he was dating for 3 years, the girl he changed his life for, the girl he thought he was going to marry turned out to be a twisted mental case, Mark said “Fuck it!” and decided she had to go and it was time for him to explore life.  He got back into the gym, was curious about exploring his sexuality and do some much needed damage control to his ego.  He told his buddy Cj who had already done some shoots with me that joining the crew would be a great way to make some quick mad cash and get an ego boost, do something only others wish they could, and that was to be admired by not only women but men too! 

Mark opens up in a pretty candid interview, edited for this DVD. Then you take a ride with Mark and go back to the garage where he polishes his pride and joy… his bike and his dick. An 86 degree day in the summer, in a closed garage with no air, he strips, drips with sweat and blows a load all over his bike seat, something he said he always wanted to do and said it was no fun if no one was watching. This was the perfect opportunity for him, and he took it.

See scene 2 of of Boys and Their Toys when Mark's buddy Cj shows off his toys and jerks off at the car wash! 

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