#40 Traffic Jam Joey Mixes Cum with Merlot, at The Beach House -

Approx Run Time: 26 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 27


Scene from DVD #40, After Joey hangs for a day at the Beach House and grills up some chicken and veggies with us, he has a few glasses of wine and I film this incredible scene.  Joey was ready and pretty damn excited about sporting his big, slightly curved tool as he kicked back, watched some TV, flexed, posed, and blew a very milky white, very thick load into the wine glass still with some wine in it; something from our own vineyard here at The Muscle Mafia.

Just backing up our claim and what seems to always come up here is that true muscle studs passionate about diet, supplements and workouts cum some pretty thick healthy loads... "Brotein" as we call it here.  Check it out when Joey's hits the glass like Mayonaise. 

Then watch him feed Both KC in #41 and Mario in #47 two loads just as think!

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Comments: 2

Even back when this was filmed, Carlo's instincts were on target. Spending a few minutes following around this beautiful specimen of jock-body, dressed in tight jeans & a wife-beater, makes us dream about seeing him nude. And then we get that. Fore and aft, great collegian physique--not a musclehead, but plenty muscly. If you admire a specially fine ass, this kid's loaded. It's his first time on camera, so a boner doesn't jump up right away, but handsome cock in the clinch, and Carlo's exactly right about cum splattering "like mayonnaise." Had to smile about one thing. Like many men, Joey's not a particularly expressive sexual presence. No easy sexy talking, no turned-on squirming as things heat up, even an unemphatic cum. So when the Boss says, "Ask 'em if they like it," he does that once and relapses into silence. Even when the Boss finally says, "Make some noise," it gets him one soft grunt, three long seconds of silence, then another. A good man, but filming Anthony's showmanship must make for an easier shoot. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.
Hmmm, so who got to drink up that load?