# 38 Scene 2: A Soldier Salutes Carlo -

Approx Run Time: 25 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 26


Scene from DVD #38, A Soldier Salutes Matt & Carlo. Leo, our Soldier from Iraq is back for more! All throughout our conversations, emails and previous shoots with Leo, he hinted around that he loves good looking, masculine Italians and finally came right out and asked, not once but many times to worship and service me.  I finally agreed and fed Leo a healthy thick Boss load! I wanted to make things interesting so I asked Leo to remove the laces from one of his sneakers and use it to tie my cock up to make it harder, then I made him lick my bulging cock veins and popped off a thick, healthy muscle load right into his mouth.  He stills asks for more…ahh, I dunno know maybe someday, if he’s lucky.

Also see Matt's scene for #38 Scene 1, A Soldier Salutes Matt 

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What I think is so hot about the Boss Cam series is that it affords fans the chance to see Carlo ("the Boss") in all his muscular glory and no scenario gives more of this than #38 with the Boss and Leo. Carlo looks STUNNING ~ it's the best word to describe him here! Amzing pecs. Killer abs. Bulging arms. Wide legs and a muscle ass that is the definition of "bubblebutt". It is no wonder that straight soldier Leo ~ who we also see in Scenario #37 where he worships one of my favorite Muscle Mafia hunks Adam ~ is in awe and ready answer the call of duty and take orders as soon as Carlo delivers the commands. There is so much that is off the charts about this but one of the most amazing displays of erotic soldierly obedience is when Carlo instructs Leo to "take the WHOLE package" in his throat. With a military man's attention to hierarchy and pleasing his leader, Leo opens wide and swallows Carlos raging hard cock AND his bull balls so that all we see are Carlo's pubes and hear his moans of satisfaction at job well done by his soldier bud. Carlo's load is huge and a worthy reward which Leo gobbles up the second he sees it erupting from that beautiful cock. Good work soldier !!!!