#38 Scene 1: A Soldier Salutes Matt -

Approx Run Time: 10 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 72


This is a story about an U.S. Soldier named Leo who found us and followed us while deployed to Iraq. From a tent of computers built for our troops Leo kept in touch with us. When he knew his date to come home he wrote that all he wanted was a pizza and one of Matt’s famous loads. This is The Matt and Leo scene from DVD #38 A Soldier Salutes, was originally not intended to be a DVD, but became one of the most downloaded movies at our DRM site which some of you may remember, privatereddoor.com. Now this scene is available here in the new musclematt.com theaters so that no one can miss out on seeing it. Leo and Matt talk, shake hands, and Leo wastes no time undressing, worshipping and servicing Matt until Matt blows his legendary massive load all over Leo. After that, Leo can’t help sitting back, looking at Matt and blowing a load of his own.

This Soldier also Salutes, Carlo in Soldier Salutes Carlo and Adam in #45 Soldier Salutes Adam (Dips His Balls in Listerine)

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