Nick In The Gym, Legs Before a Load -

Approx Run Time: 13 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Building Legs and Building a Load For Later That Night...This is just added bonus footage you asked for of Nick in the gym grunting, groaning and sweating while doing his leg workout. 

This is the opening scene in the original release of #36 Nick at Night a Private Meeting.  Any bodybuilder will tell you, in fact Nick tells you right on video that doing a hard productive leg workout increases growth hormone and testosterone.  He is correct, and any bodybuilder or athlete worth your time will tell you that doing legs are a must in your workout routine, by properly doing legs, it will increase your strength and you will see your over-all size increase as well as your bench press and upper body strength.  There are a number of reasons for that having to do with how the male body works, which is great for bodybuilding but, this workout had a different meaning and a different purpose for Nick that day.

You will see he is in the gym with Brian, his workout buddy from #25 Chest and triceps they were there to shoot the leg video, but what Brian didn’t know was that Nick had planned to leave with me after and go to another location for an night time shoot, he was anxious to show off his entire body, sport a boner and bust a nut for you.

This leg workout was a prelude to the Nick at Night video and it was in full preparation to spike his growth hormone and testosterone so that he was hard as hell that night and able to squirt out a very thick load.

Job well done and way to prepare for the night shoot Nick, he shot off a very big load all over the desk. This was about the time Nick was getting very comfortable and very into the entire concept.  Pumping up, working out, showing off, and making cash!

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