#35 Eric, Hot Shot Corporate Attorney Loses The Suit and Jerks Off -

Approx Run Time: 21 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Hot Shot Attorney Shoots..Eric and I were in touch for about a year before he decided that it was his time to go in front of our cameras. He would stop by the sites often and compliment the movies, the guys and the concept. Finally, that day came when he called to say, "Fuck it!" before I get old and the corporate world suits and ties swallows me whole, lets do it; and he did.

Strength of mind and body are a lethal combination. Eric explains that as an attorney his body is covered up in a suit and tie every day.  When the suite and tie goes on he is in business mode, and will tell you that he feels he has become some what of a bore which is why he finally decided to join The Muscle Mafia crew.  He said no one gets to see the body that is under the button down shirt and suit jacket and this is his chance to take it off, show it off and do it to our entire following and the world. 

Personal side note: This guy deserve the admiration you are about to give him he works some 12 hour days, weekends and some Holidays when he is preparing for a case and yet, still finds the time to diet and focus in the gym and it shows! 

Shower, Piss and Cum...This hot shot attorney removes his briefs, (sorry, had to go there)  reveals a powerful thick dick and huge balls.  He flexes and poses, then gets in the tub to take a long piss, then a long shower, and kicks back on the bed to demonstrate an entirely different HOT SHOT, a thick cum shot all over his stomach that he smears into the tattoo just below his belly button. 

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Comments: 5

Thank you Eric!
This is the first movie that I have seen end to end on the site having just upgraded to VIP and Sir Eric took my breath away. It would be an honor to worship him and do what he asks. My take on cum without a mouth or a hole receiving it is that a real mans cum should never be wasted and should be eaten or deposited as part of worship.
Haven't seen this scene yet, but it looks to be hot. Shame that he never experimented more with muscle worship!
have not seen the video yet, but this man is hot, I had been looking at this site for awhile, and seeing his pictures enticed me to join..
Eric has a great body. Would like to see the remainder of the video that shows him stripping out of his suit in stages! That would be intriguing. Eric has a great body and sexy voice. Video is well worth watching!