45.5 3am Feeding, A Wake-up Call from Adam -

Approx Run Time: 17 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 17


Get up Cock Sucker, Take Care of my Boy!... This scene is one of our most watched, as simple and informal as it is, movie buyers love it! Great flick with an even better back story to read on our blog.  Basically, one night at The Beach House we had a party, invited all of the Crew from our site and some worshippers.  Adam showed buzzed from a local bar with his girlfriend. When his girlfriend passed out around 3 a.m. Adam woke me up, told me to get the camera, wake up KC and tell him it was time for a feeding.  KC up like I pulled a fire alarm! This filming was a little dark and unscheduled, but KC dropped to his knees, while Adam face fucked him, slammed his head down on his dick and told him to open wide.  Adam dropped mayonnaise thick cum on his tongue… KC is an example of a good cocksucker ready to serve our buds at any time.  That is what this is all about!

See all of Adams photos and his resume of films, look for the ones where he realizes he likes to get fucked by some of his gym buds and has a little bromance with Matt as he gets addicted to Matt's perfectly shaped prostate tapping dick!  You can also browse our Hard Core Category Pinned and Pounded and look for new releases that will drop in our ULTRA-DL Category.

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Comments: 3

Like real situations like this, I always fuck in the middle of the night. Either who is sleeping over or my roommate the straight bodybuilder who cant get enough of my big dick.. I'm that horny of a bodybuilder lol
revisited 3am feeding....Adam is so hot: body, balls, cock, tatts, all of him, I would never say "no" to his wake-up call.
What does a hot straight muscle stud do when it's 3am and his girlfriend has crashed and he's HORNY as fuck? If you are as blessed as Adam with a killer body, huge bull balls, a sexy hung mentor like Carlo and access to any cock sucker you want ~ cause you're my favorite Muscle Mafia stud ~ you call that straight guy who craves the chance to blow you and allow Carlo to work his magic on the camera to film it all. Adam is among my absolute favorite in the Muscle Mafia [if you don't know it Adam you should realize you're a god among men]. Clearly this stud enjoys taking it up the ass from one of his Muscle Mafia bros ~ his scenes with Matt are hot and it would be awesome to watch Brad mount Adam's perfect ass ~ but Adam is equally stunning when getting his cock worshiped and legendary "bull balls" licked. Watching KC service Adam under the Carlo's watchful creative eye is nothing short of astonishing. Kudos for the way Carlo captures KC's hunger in hot visuals where this guy does what Adam's girlfriend won't do and swallow his whole shaft AND take both those large egg-sized nuts in his mouth. This is the kind of non-scripted cock & muscle worship that a stud like Adam deserves and which Carlo captures flawlessly in this film. And KC shows that he is a worthy graduate of Carlo's "Cock Sucker Academy" ~ not missing the chance to get Adam's rocks off AND making sure that Adam's girlfriend doesn't get the chance to waste his thick muscle spooge. KC literally works the head of Adam's prick with an open mouth ~ tongue wagging ~ and a watchful eye so that he catches every drop of the ropes Adam is famous for squirting. If you are like me and ADORE watching a hot guy like Adam getting fucked by his straight buddies you're gonna go ballistic when you see THIS off the charts scene of Adam shoving his prick down a straight buddy's throat.........all while his girlfriend is sleeping! Now that is Carlo and the Muscle Mafia at its best!!!