#29 Crash! Uncut Chris Military Man Pounds Out Billy -

Approx Run Time: 48 Minutes

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From The Vault, Billy Gets a Military Marine POUNDING!...Chris is a friend of mine who spent some time as a Marine, when the idea came up for him to make some extra cash, he was open and when he took a look at the website named Billy specifically after seeing the trailer for #23, Matt Slams Billy.  Chris said, and I quote, “Fuck yeah man if Im gunna do it, let’s do it I want a shot at that kid. Before filming started, Chris told Billy he was ‘mad horny’ and was feeling aggressive; Billy said “Bring it on!” and Chris certainly did. I wonder if this was part of the 'combat' training Chris received because this big dicked Marine declared WAR on Billy's throat and ass! When you watch this DVD you will know instantly why it was named: CRASH! 

Billy lives up to his reputation of being a champion cock sucker.  But Chris develops a reputation of his own in this film, he is a wild man, rough and horny and takes everything and anything he wants dishing out an aggressive, almost brutal ass pounding. 

Chris pins Billy in a military wrestling move, pins his feet behind his ears, leans in and begins to make out with Billy.  Their tongues were wrestling as they bounced from one side of the sofa to the other.  The camera continued to roll and it was there that I knew for sure #29 was going to be smok’n.  Then Chris pulled another move on him throwing Billy to the other side of the sofa and throwing Billy’s legs in the air knocking the lamp off of the end table.  The crash of the broken glass did not break Chris’s determination to ram his tongue in Billy’s ass.

From there what took place was nearly 2 hours of sweaty hard core guy on guy sex; ass eating, cock sucking, kissing and Billy getting drilled and power fucked by my buddy Chris.  You are there watching these 2 go at it, sweat dripping and heavy breathing.  Chris throws Billy around the room and jack hammers his ass, you hear Billy moan and scream with both pleasure and pain.  Then, both lay on the bed, dick to dick and blow off 2 massive loads that were building the entire time.

Behind the scenes Notes: I had to stop several times to make sure Billy was alright and get both guys a bottle of water.  During the very few stops, Chris would get up and pace the room like a prize fighter waiting for the bell to ring again so he can get back to pounding his opponent.  When I said action, that is just what Chris did, he POUNCED!  

Billy came out a champ as usual and did tell me the next day that he had a little trouble walking.  Chris on the other had said he slept like a baby and confessed a chick could never take a fucking like that and actually said he would do it again.  He surprised himself, but that is what happens when an alpha male is told he is going to be filmed and watched, the animal instinct comes out! 

There are many more of Billy getting pounded out, slammed, rough fucked and taking it like a champ.  See our Hardcore, Pinned and Pounded Category for Billy and others getting pounded out by various crew members.

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Comments: 5

Wow!!! This was an amazingly HOT movie. The guys are definitely into each other and the chemistry is amazing. The kissing is hot and the ass eating is even hotter. I was rock hard during the entire video!
This is an amazing film!!!! As you might guess from my reviews and Muscle Mafia Fund donations Carlo, Brad and Adam are my favorite alpha male tops; and by the same token, sexy college jock Billy is my favorite among the straight guys who who worship cock and get banged by the studs here at the Muscle Mafia. In Scenario #29 Billy seals his reputation and for my money proves that he really is devoted to making another straight bud feel worshiped and admired by the way he swallows huge cock whole and takes a hard pounding better than any chick could. So hot to watch another Military Man ~ this time the well endowed super horned marine Chris ~ who is able to discover the Muscle Mafia and get his rocks off good and hard. This soldier takes no prisoners when it comes to Billy's willing mouth and hungry jock pussy. In addition to the awesome fuck Chris gives ~ and which Billy takes without skipping a beat ~ the other HOT feature here is that Carlo's creative organic "unscripted" approach lets us see the real spark that generates between these two studs. The passionate kissing here is as real and uninhibited as it is between hunks Matt and Adam in their "Summer Fuck" scenario. Kudos to Carlo for his genius in capturing this and for waiting for the right time to release this film so we could see it. This film is called "Crash" for obvious reasons but as I witnessed the highly evident "man crush" between these two straight buds the really cool Dave Matthews Band song "Crash Into Me" came to mind. Thanks to Carlo's vision and the intense and real chemistry between hot hung military guy Chris and the ever-studly jock Chris we get to witness yet another great connection unfold in the world of exploring male sexuality. No doubt Billy well let Chris's uncut cock "crash" into his snatch anytime he wants. Bring it on!
I have this on DVD and has been one of my favorites. I really like their chemistry and their hot sizzling sex! You can tell they're into each other. Love how Chris devour Billy's ass. Such a great couple. I'm a Billy fan as well so hopefully he comes back.
Now that was a covert military missile launch on Billy's ass. Damn! I couldn't figure out who deserved the medal, Uncut Chris for his never ending fucking or Billy for taking it. Im a big Billy fan so my vote goes to him. So glad you let this one out Boss! Great flick I bought it for life!
Another great movie. Billy's done such an amazing job worshipping other hot guys that I'd lost sight of the fact that he's pretty hot himself. The description of him in movie #22 as a nationally ranked college athlete is a huge turn on. He has an amazing ass, and ass fans will appreciate that Chris spends a lot of time grabbing it. The kissing is a nice bonus, too.