#26 Jersey Muscle, Nick and Jeff Biceps -

Approx Run Time: 33 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Muscle worship takes on many forms and many levels, we know that there are those that love to get on their knees and submit to our crew, but there are also those that get off just watching.  But you can’t get worshipped if you don’t have serious muscle.  #26 Arms with Nick and Jeff is the making of that muscle, more specifically how Jeff and Nick build and maintain those biceps. In fact any and all of our gym scenes like #25 Chest with Nick, Brian and Mark and the Matt Classic #18: Cumming on Sauna Walls, in Florida shows how The Crew build and maintain the bodies worthy of worship and worthy of a being a part of The Muscle Mafia.  These films answer the questions; where did all that muscle come from, how do they do it and, for those that like living art in motion, can I watch? Erotic all by itself, its how most guys into being worshiped or who do the worshiping get their first introduction to the fantasy; in the gym!

No one knows arms better than Jeff, and no one knows how to bring muscle to failure like Jeff. Jeff wastes no time taking you to the first arm exercise, the dumbbell curl.  He is your personal trainer in this DVD and instructs you on proper from, super-setting and bringing your muscles to failure. He and Nick tear up biceps, work-up a sweat and show off their pumped biceps while others in the gym have no idea what was really going on!

This was filmed before Nick went onto bigger and better things and showed fans a lot more then you can show in a public gym filled with your buddies.  Check out Nicks Photo Album and Movie Resume for everything Nick.

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