#24 Scene 1: Milking Matt Billy's Audition Tape -

Approx Run Time: 11 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Billy, College jock and athlete has become a featured guy here; the kid is hot and loves Muscle! He bragged about giving a good massage, and having expert hands. In later films Billy uses not only his hands, but other parts of his body to service and seduce some of our muscle buddies.

Billy wanted to be "Our Boy"! He wanted to be that College Jock that services Matt and other crew members ON FILM. His first obsession was Matt.

In this movie... he wanted to grab Matt's hard cock and experience a Muscle Matt load for himself. He milks Matt like a champ. This was Billy's audition tape to see just how skilled he was with his hands. He jerks Matt until he cums straight up in the air and all over his chest. During filming Billy lays Matt on the bed and then they rub hard dicks (frottage). Billy was so turned on by watching Matt, he blows his own load all over Matt's chest (Un-known to Matt). Our films are unscripted, shit happens!

Since this was filmed Billy has lined up and serviced many of our muscle buddies. He proved to be a muscle worshipper with an uncontrollable appetite giving incredible deep throat blow jobs and taking some pretty brutal ass poundings from Matt, Brad and others that are not yet released to The Theaters. These are films that remain in The Vault, are on DVD but not in Theaters or have been filmed and never seen yet.

More Billy Online (More to Be Added!)

Billy Self Fuck, Self Facial

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#37 Adam Worshiped and Seduced, Billy East Adam Alive!

#52 Playing with Fire, Matt Slams Billy Again!

#57 Brad Face Fucks Billy Twice in one Night!

#58 Brad Pounds Billy Twice in One Night!

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This has always been one of my favorite clips. I love the way Billy takes control of Matt and the way Matt is happy to let Billy take him to a great cum shot. It so obvious how much Billy was into Matt's perfect body and how much Matt enjoyed himself. There was something special when Billy and Matt shared the screen.....wouldn't it be great to see them together again after all these years.