#23 Stop, Drop and Roll-Over 2: Matt Slams Billy! -

Approx Run Time: 30 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 55


This was the start of Billy's journey with us and his drastic move into hard-core muscle worship and service. A journey that started with his Audition (see Milking Matt Billy's Audition) and continues today!

After the release of #16 Matt Pounds Ricky and Matt Pounds Paul fans became obsessed with more then just Matt's cum shots and the focus shifted to the way Matt fucks. Billy was new to the group, and although he was willing to suck off some of the guys on film, he had never been fucked. #23 was Billy's break-out movie, and it was the first time he got fucked by a live person. Prior to filming this movie, I gave billy this massive dildo (also see Billy's Self Fuck, Self Facial scene) and told him to take a few weeks and practice. I told him if he wanted to get fucked by Matt, he had to be ready to please.

So with no expectations in mind we set Matt and Billy up together and just let it all happen.  We told Billy if he wanted to be our bottom boy and start putting him with some of the crew, he needed to prove himself. Billy sucks Matt off like a champ in this one, deep throating every inch of Matt’s 8 inches.

Then First with a rubber on Matt fucks the hell out of Billy in several different positions.  After the rubber got boring, and used up, Matt rolls him over and lubes up to shove his big dick in Billy’s ass, raw and bare-back. Matt fans were excited for this film. They could not wait to see Matt fuck again and they were becoming fans of Billy. But after its releases buyers went nuts over #23 because as you will see Billy proved to have some hidden talents and earned the title as "Champ" and our fuck and suck toy, although we didn't yet have a title for guys like Billy, he was no doubt our first "Cock Sucker On Call" (COC).

Billy has earned a solid fan following over the years. Many film buyers have lived through and continue to live through Billy as he sucks, swallows, jerks-off, breaks in, and gets fucked by some of our hottest buddies and crew members.

More Billy Online (More to Be Added!)

Billy showed extraordinary talent and earned his title as our Cum Dump and Champion Cock Sucker...

#32 Nick Worshipped and Seduced, Billy Swallows

#37 Adam Worshipped and Seduced, Billy East Adam Alive!

#52 Playing with Fire, Matt Slams Billy Again!

#57 Brad Face Fucks Billy Twice in one Night!

#58 Brad Pounds Billy Twice in One Night!

If you are a Billy Fan you might want to see how he got prepared to take all these dicks, and take them hard and long when he shows you how he practiced on the 10x7 dildo he took all the way up his ass in Billy Self Fuck Self Facial; a dildo that made a cameo appearance in #58 when Stan used it on Billy's ass to prep it for Brad's monster cock and all night double pounding in #58.

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Comments: 3

what a pleasure to watch such a hot muscle stud like Matt in action. his well defined muscles flexing and bulging , the camera capturing the best angles to display his amazing body, and Billy such a hot bottom worshipping and pleasuring him to such a hot thick muscle load climax. amazing.
Billy is the consummate cock sucker and bottom boy. He shows his merit by keeping his big cock rock hard through the whole show. As usual Matt's glutes in action are out of this world. Highly recommended. Guaranteed to cum on this one, guys.
A bottom who is really good at being a bottom can make a powerful top even look better and that is what Billy always does when he bottoms for the muscle studs of the Muscle Mafia. Billy is at very best when he is with Matt and Matt is at his best when he is fucking Billy.....might look like Matt is in charge but I think that Billy might be leading the way. One of the best videos Carlo has shot.