#22 College Jock Billy Gives Jimmy a face full of Feet and Cum -

Approx Run Time: 23 Minutes

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From the Track, right to getting his feet licked and a blow job. Filmed with Foot Worshippers in mind, this film is a total jock worship film and was another scene that was specially asked for, you asked for it! 

We got a lot of mail from collectors that loved the scenes in 19.5, but the guy that everyone wanted to see more of was Billy, our 20 year-old college jock with size 13 feet.  One such guy who wanted more Billy was Jimmy the health food store guy that got a muscle matt martini in #20 Scene 3! He saw Billy’s feet in some photos on the website and volunteered to service and worship his feet if ever he wanted total foot worship and a blow job.  

Everyone asked for more Billy, and more Billy they get.  If you look up “Jock” in the dictionary, I am almost sure you will see Billy’s name there, if not his picture.  He is a runner, track athlete, high-jumper and football player.  Billy ranks among the highest in the country for track and field so it was only appropriate that we start this movie on the track which was perfect because Jimmy wanted Billy’s feet ripe with sweat right from a workout or a run, ok, he got it. The deal was Jimmy was to worship his size 13 feet, and if Billy felt like it he would give jimmy a facial.  

So after some intense running and jumping on the track, we take Billy over to see Jimmy and let the scene unfold. Here is where things get hotter.  The cameras film and give you a front seat as Jimmy removes Billy’s sneakers and starts to kiss and smell his feet.  Then he removes that socks and begins to kiss and lick the soles of his feet and works his way to sucking hard and long on all 10 of Billy’s toes. 

Slowly, on his own, Billy peels off first his sweat pants, then his shirt and then his running shorts.  He kicks back in his Calvin Klein underwear and sports a hard on, jerking off while Jimmy is licking his sweaty jock feet clean. 

As the cameras keep rolling, Billy says “Why not suck my dick like you are sucking my toes”.  On command, without hesitation, Jimmy grabs Billy’s big hard dick and takes his mouth from foot worship to cock worship.  

It is true what they say about dudes with big feet, Billy does not disappoint from the size and power of his feet, to the size and power of his dick, right down to the size and power of his 20 year-old cum shot that he eventually drops all over Jimmy’s face!

That a boy Billy!  A champ through and through and he shows how much of a champ when he films #23, Matt Pounds Billy and wants what Ricky and Paul got in 16-1 and 16-2, that was to get Pounded balls deep by Matt.  

If you are a foot lover with a foot fetish for our guys Feet or any of our specific body parts, see the Hard Core and Fetish Category Feet and Body Parts

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Comments: 2

What an act of worship and admiration. Superb.
this video gives me the chills. I really love the fact he's at the end of the bed and how he puts his feet at the end of the bed and how he just lets him at them. such a hot masterful video. I just wish I could suck on his other foot while he was sucking the other. this video is so hot and made me cum buckets the first time I watched it. it really gave me that dirty secrecy and loved how I felt it made me feel I was able to witness something really private and I felt like I was watching a video that was not really meant to be seen. so masculine and manly the way these guys are towards each other when his shoes come off and he get the first taste of his feet. a properly executed video done properly only the way a Muscle mafia Video can be done. thanks so much for this one guys !!!!