#219 Boss Flips LiL Jay on Ron, Ron Get's Tag Fucked -

Approx Run Time: 28 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 7


Twist and Flip!: In a twist and flip only I could pull off, I get together for a live cam event with myself (Carlo) Ron, and LiL Jay.  Before we went live Jay was bragging about how he could be versatile if he wanted.  He explained that with me he was totally submissive but with a guy like Ron, he could be more dominant.  I told him if he wanted, tonight was his night to show us.  We let things unravel organically during this 2 camera shoot where you can enjoy 2 angles of the seduction, the twist, the filp and the tag team.

Ron Gets Tag Teamed: During the beginning of the film, I whisper to Jay, you gunna fuck him?  That was my cue that if he wanted to take it I would share Ron’s ass with him.

After heating things up, a hot 3 way happens where Ron becomes the cock sucker and the bottom for both Jay and myself.  Jay and I take turns raw dogging Ron, then I cum in Ron’s ass so Jay could us me as lube, where he dumps his own big hot load in Ron.

As always, Ron never disappoints and in a mind control mode where I own him he lets anything I want happen and it does.  That was amazing says the loyal viewer watching and I have to agree!

Read more about this film and that night, on our blog titled A Twist and a Flip Boss Style

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