218 UnMasked, A Revealing Post Gym Quick Fuck -

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Approx Run Time: 21 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 18


Ron is my boy!  He is always up for swallowing a load or getting fucked; this one was watched live on cam.  

I text Ron from the gym floor and met him back at my place, I literally came in from the gym sweaty and musty.  He started at my toes and worked his way up.  

Things got a little crazy, revealing actually.  I decided to ramp it up since there was only 1 trusted, long time generous member watching.  I sent Ron home with a 5 day post gym, thick hot load in his ass and he thanked me.  Nothing like holding out from cumming for several days, then being so horny you NEED to fuck. A cock sucker on call is damn good thing.

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Comments: 4

Oh, yeah! The BOSS is back! Sizzling :)
Very hot, love the Boss' verbal. Really great to see the Boss back in action and to see you guys posting again.
great movie Boss! love the spontaneity of that moment. There are more than 200 movies on here but every one of them brings in something different, 218 is no exception! I’m just happy to see you back in action (i know u never really left lol)!
Fucking hot