#217 Matt and Brad, Massaged, Milked and Frozen -

Approx Run Time: 48 Minutes

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From The Vault..Massaged, Milked and Frozen.  A special request film, sponsored and paid for by a very generous UK member.  After seeing #96 Stud Muffins made with “Stud Batter” he wanted his own personal jars from Matt and Brad.  He wanted to see the guys massaged, milked and their cum frozen and shipped. He made it so we couldn’t say no, and it turns out it was really good filming.  After we wrapped on this one, it was bumped aside because we moved on to so many other films (others still not released) and also like others, stored in the vault for a later date and time.  It is now that date and time.

A Home and Hands: Drew, who you have also met in various films offered a house that he cares for that belongs to a known celebrity, he also offered his hands.  This celebrity is a Muscle Mafia fan and was more than happy to have certain rooms used as a backdrop for filming. Several films were shot there, in fact, a few scenes and a couple of invite only parties took place in that house that were never filmed.

The Best of the Night: #217 was more than 2 hours of film, edited down to just under an hour to capture the best of that night.  Matt and Brad took turns on the massage table as Drew had his hands all over both guys, teased them a bit and then got right to their dicks for some serious milking.  Brad wanted to contribute 2 loads, so he did; Matt, well his loads are more like 2 in one shot.  Both guys encouraged each other and watched the other as they were being massaged and milk.  Once the jars were filled they were put immediately in the freezer.

After the filming, as we often do, we hung around eating and drinking, talking about the night and kicking around other film ideas.  Those films will be part of the movie catalog as well.

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