#214 Boss & Brandon Unmistakeable Bond -

Approx Run Time: 33 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 30


Real Life: This is truly a behind the scenes, unedited, non-stop real and authentic bond between Brandon and myself that went from being a routine filming to a very personal and private moment between the 2 of us (Brandon and myself).  I wasn't sure if this would be released because it revealed a bit much of our off camera bond and friendship.  My decision to release it was based solely on the reality that this sort of bond, erotic genuine connection can and does happen.  A beautiful thing among men that is the next level up from a bromance or a gym crush that I have been blessed to experience.  

Boners Don’t Lie: There are certain things that just can’t be faked, planned, scripted, or predicted.  I have always said boners don’t lie, at the same time, the lack of one doesn’t either.  So the question becomes when a boner goes soft what do you do?  You add an element that will inspire a boner and that to me is one of the most erotic mind / body experiences a man can ever have.  Because it’s proof that a boner ( mans ability to be turned on) is not just a physical or mechanical function, it is one that first must take place in the brain.  

One For the History Books: In the case of #214, Boss and Brandon an unmistakeable bond, is if nothing else among, one of the most endearing and erotic films in Muscle Mafia history, while we have had several, this ranks up with the best.  

All Eyes on Boss: After a couple shots of Patron Tequila, Brandon and Ron begin their scene.  Ron sucks Brandon’s beautiful feet, and then his trophy dick.  From the sofa we move into the bedroom.  What I found interesting after but not at the time, if you look carefully Brandon can’t keep his eyes off me while I film.  I felt he was trying to tell me something and by the time we got to the bedroom he did.  Off camera, some of which you will see and hear captured on film, Brandon tells me he would rather be with me.  This after he and I, in previous films developed an unmistakable bond, one which would cause him issues in his personal life with his girlfriend (that is a story for another day).  In this film it caused an issue with he and Ron.  This is not to slam Ron’s incredible cock sucking skills, but in hind site, I should have had someone else film it, I was more of a distraction than anything else.  So, as reality filming will do, I went with the natural evolution of this film.

Boss Brings his Bro To the Finish Line: We had to get this live event and film finished, so I did what I had to do not only for filming purposes, for the live event ticket buyers but more so for my buddy who needed me.  I couldn’t leave him hanging, I had to bring him to the finish line.  I joined in and put my dick in his mouth (his request) so that he could get turned on and cum in Ron’s mouth.  Ron is fantastic, Brandon, my boy, beyond fantastic in many ways.

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Comments: 3

Great video Boss, and great recovery! You and Brandon are such a good match, especially when he's receiving you ; ). Your bodies are amazaing and y charisma should be studied as the standard for sensual interaction. Keep up the great work guys and thank Ron for being such a Trooper!
Great flick, nothing exists like you on the Internet! More please!
You know what you are doing Boss! The connection between you and Brandon is enviable. Watching you take control of this situation, and steer things in such a calm, authoritative way is just as sexy if not more so then your beautiful body and dick. Brandon looks awesome as always and Ron worked over time on alpha dick. Now one of my many favorites, any film with you Boss brings things to different level. This is why other alpha studs look up to you and are seduced by you. You got it all bossman!