#20 Scene 3, A Muscle Matt Martini -

Approx Run Time: 18 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 16


MOST DOWNLOADED! Scene 3 from DVD #20, Matt calls Jimmy the guy who manages the health food store near our gym.  It’s a long story how we got to this call, but basically we knew Jimmy would drop what he was doing to get a taste of Matt, the deal was we had to film it.  Jimmy wanted to hide his identity so he put a home-made blind fold over his face.

Jimmy sucks Matt off like a champ, worshipping and complimenting Matt on every muscle. He even gags a few times on Matt's 8 inch dick working a huge load from Matt's balls. Just when he is ready to shoot, Matt grabs a Martini glass puts the head of his dick over the rim and pops a good size Muscle Matt load into the glass. Then he hands the glass to Jimmy, who takes it, smells it and musters the guts to drink Matt’s muscle load. As soon as he got a taste of it he just kept licking the inside of the glass; a healthy, creamy protein drink. If he could only bottle this cocktail and sell it as a sport drink at the store.

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Comments: 3

I'll take one of those, and make it a double. Matt's body, dick and cum never disappoints. A stud among men!
One lucky cocksucker. That was a great load, I would prefer to take it from the tap. To each his own.
Classic Matt and some real thick cream, mmmmm.