#20 Scene 1: Feeding Brandon, Say Ah! -

Approx Run Time: 13 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 22


The Start of our “COC” (Cock Suckers on Call)..A ride in The Boss’s Limo leads to a mouthful of Matt Cum and the inspiration for what was at the time our cock suckers on call but didn’t know it yet.   

One night Matt and I were on a mission, all pumped and sweaty from the gym we were looking to get service and film it!  I was given Brandon’s number from another muscle jock at the gym who on occasion when his girlfriend was not around would call Brandon for service.  He told me that Brandon was a “sucker” literally for quality masculine muscle and would jump at the chance for me or Matt, nice of our bud to share his cock sucker with us, right? 

We gave Brandon a call told him the situation and asked if he wanted to suck off Matt but it had to be filmed.  He was hesitant at first, until I sent him an email with Matt’s photo attached.  He said if that was the only way to get our cocks he would. But, living in the city he had NO Car. So, in the spirit of doing something different we decided to send him a limo, and bring him to an undisclosed construction site that I had access to get this done. However, on his way he had to blindfold himself so he could not see where it was.

Brandon enters the room blindfolded and was lead to where Matt was standing. The blindfold came off and Brandon immediately went down. Licking and worshipping Matt’s body. It was not long before he pulled Matt’s sweat pants down to get hit in the face with his 8-inch hard-on. Matt moved around the room a while throat fucking Brandon until he was ready to pop off, he told Brandon to open wide and when he did he waited patiently with mouth open until Matt was ready to feed him one of his famous power cum shots! 

He said thanks, we said thanks and we sent him back to the city cum breath an all.  This kinda gave me the idea for a cock sucker on call, a list of dudes willing to service any one of us at any time on film.

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