#119 Chicken and Brotein, Boss Feeds Anthony -

Approx Run Time: 28 Minutes

The Buddy System

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How We Roll: Eat, Gym, Sex repeat, that seems to be the mantra around here. Its seems we are always deciding: What are we going to eat, what body part and time are we working out, what are we eating after our workout and… sex; what are we up for putting on film (the fun part).

Muscle Mafia Meal Plan: Staying healthy, energetic, camera ready, pumped, full and vascular is a daily mission and without getting into my entire philosophy on fitness and bodybuilding, half the body is made in the kitchen and apparently around here, a few other things as well. No “body” leaves my kitchen hungry or unsatisfied; for one reason or another!

Intense Workout & SportSex: Sex as a sport, that is what I view the sexual habits of a true masculine alpha-male, just like I approach the gym floor with intense focus, the right amount of aggression and determination is the same way I approach sex.  It’s a sport to me and most like me if they really think about it; whether its a cock sucker worshipping and servicing post workout or mutual worship and body admiration with another crew member for more of a contact sport and conquest.   Nothing is hotter, unless of course you are The Muscle Mafia, we have the added “erotic bump” of filming it,  or performing it live and have you watch!

#119 Chicken and Brotein: This film is everything described above and it all happens in the kitchen.  After an intense workout, I return to make one of my famous post workout meals, “Boss Chicken” and Anthony joins me, but he sticks around for an extra dose of protein, or rather “Brotein”, a Boss load of Super-Sperm.

I do the cooking, Anthony does the cleaning and then we both engage in a postworkout, post meal session of sportsex.  I sport a big, thick veiny boner and Anthony takes care of me, but his intentions are perfectly selfish because that means in the end he gets fed a boss load.  This film is real, raw, unscripted as always, it is truly what takes place during those times Anthony and I hang out and the cameras are always rolling for scenes like this.  After the dishes, pots and pans are washed, the counter cleared I sit up on the counter and tell Anthony to “Come Here”.  he knows what that means and we go at it.  Anthony uses his tongue to jerk me off as he sucks me off, then breaks to shove the same tongue in my mouth and down my throat for a hot hands all over make out session that leads to more cock sucking and a feeding.

Extra Virgin: No not Anthony… Keeping it all “meal” oriented and using what ever tools we have in a kitchen I use olive oil to grease my hard dick up and stroke for a while making Anthony watch, then oiled up and hard as a rock Anthony milks a thick boss load out of me with his mouth and his hands for his post-gym shot of Brotein.   Can 2 alpha-males ever be more satisfied?

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Comments: 11

Seeing someone like Anthony become all submissive for Boss’s cock is so hot. I hope one day Boss rewards him by sucking his cock for being so good.
He's a lucky cocksucker.
Boss your body and dick are are something for any man to envy. This was one of those I had to see again also. I'm binge watching your films.
One of my favorite videos.You two are magic together. Every second is hot. I feel like a broken record saying how fucking hot and sexy every man and video is on this site!
....worth the VIP MEMBERSIP!!! Lots of reasons why....seeing the Boss's MASSIVE COCK slathered in olive oil then masturbated by Anthony is off the charts HOT .... And seeing the look in Anthony's eyes when he screams "I love this cock!" ....then watch him guzzle that SPERM is just EXTREME SportSex
Im new to MM, and a new VIP very glad I did as well. Boss you are fucking hot as hell but something about Anthony obsesses me. I think his ability to be so alpha, so rough yet alpha enough to know when he finds his alpha he submits. It was this duo that brought me here, that with all the other studs and hot scenes keep me here. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and I offer my services to service Anthony anytime, he does it for me.
HOT! Feed me Boss! More of these, I am a VIP now and its the best thing I have ever done, I get to see films I never did before and I see what I was missing. I am getting the full experience of the muscle mafia, you and your crew. I was a major fan before but this sealed the deal you guys are the best. Real stuff, genuine 119 should be an instant best seller. Nice house Boss, nothing but the best and top notch for our Boss!
BiiigStud I concur agree completely, anytime I hear of anything boss and Anthony I know its gunna be good. Boss your dick is so thick, Anthony could not help slurping on that alpha man meat and god what I would not give for you to feed me! You can skip the chicken all I need is your loads from a brilliant alpha male. They should bottle your super sperm and create the perfect race. Brains, common sense, brilliant business man, hot Italian stallion, impeccable body, a personality, sense of humor and a fucking HOT ASS VOICE to boot! Anthony your body is something to be admired and worshiped just the same, what an ass! Thick shoulders, again smart dude, these 2 together are dangerous in all the best sense of the word.
Boss NEVER disappoints and These 2 never disappoint. Boss you and Anthony inspire a healthy envy to find a buddy like you both have in each other. Thank you for putting what you do on film for us to see. MORE!
This scene shows more of the intense and natural chemistry of Boss and Anthony! The verbal banter, Boss's dominance, the kissing and Anthony's hunger for Boss's huge Fuck Stick are 100% genuine. You can't fake a bond like this!!!
As always, another HOT video. Boss & Anthony matchup never disappoints. I love the more verbal videos and the chemistry between you two is always on point.