195 Boss and Brandon Bonding, Brandon Fingered Live! -

Approx Run Time: 27 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Bromance and Bonding, Something Sexual: Mutual muscle worship and admiration a rare thing to find.  There are 2 sexual mind sets with an alpha male of our breed.  Either they are getting worshipped and exhibiting power over a cock sucker who is less than them, skinnier, less powerful, less ego who totally submits to being used and abused or they engage in something with someone of their equal or who they thrive to be like.  Something mutual, a sort of dance, a give and take something; reciprocal.  This only happens if each a guy finds something admirable in the other, something that draws them to each other as men, a bond that sometimes can manifests itself into something sexual.

This one Planted the Seed: #195 from the archives, was one of many (not yet seen) that lead up to the VIP ONLY film #155 of me fucking Brandon.  If you have followed both my blog posts and listened to my VIP only video blog post regarding Brandon and me you will understand how this came to be.  We both let our guard down and both admit that we have done things with each other we wouldn’t with anyone else.  No different than I have with Brad or Matt, Brandon was another one of those guys who I felt was worthy of something more mutual with The Boss.

Swapping Tongues, Blow Jobs and Hitting Brandons G-Spot: Watch us make out, tongue kiss, compliment each other, feel each other, swamp blow jobs. However, both can’t be in control at the same time, so even among alpha males one always rises to the top and one is more dominant and more in control, that is me.  Watch me slowly seduce him into submission, get him to trust me, an erotic high where he allows me to start working his ass with my fingers, prepping him, massaging his prostate.  Watch as his toes curl and his legs flail and thrash, listen to his breathing, and watch how his body relaxes and just gives in.

See Brandon’s profile and movie resume for all his films released so far.

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Comments: 5

Had to watch this again!
Another amazing movie! Brandon is hot, boss is hot af too! The kissing was just beautiful, no wonder Brandon was seduced! Really wanted to see Brandon get bred by boss!
Very HOT! Watching you seduce these guys Boss Man is pretty hot. No doubt you are a beautiful man I can see even through your mask the sculpted shape of your face but it has to be more than looks. There is something about you that is captivating, interesting seductive. You should give lessons on seduction but somehow I don't think what you have can be taught, you have it or you don't which makes watching you so enjoyable. Great film, big fan here keep it up
Another exceptional video. I've really been enjoying all of the kissing in these videos lately. Super hot. Nobody does it like Boss.
I apparently haven't watched some of the vids in the right sequence, but they are all amazing, nonetheless...this one, especially...my God, you guys are beautiful!