#192, Gavin Fucked and Blocked -

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The Buddy System

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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: and certainly more interesting; that is why we are real, raw and unscripted.  This video, in content might be along the lines of the some of the others however, the back story is the true story that makes the actual film that much hotter.  A true story, that played out first in real life and eventually on film. In order for you to fully enjoy this experience you can just get the whole film, but will need to get the “whole picture” ; the back story.  You can read the full Blog post (Boss Conquest, Gavin a Chess Game of Seduction #192 Full True Story).

The Abridged Edition: I have known Gavin casually for more than a year, never knew his name, never had a conversation with him, no contact other than catching him checking me out in the gym. So, I played it, knew exactly how to make the right moves to eventually get him not only sucking my dick but letting me be the first to fuck him.

The Appropriate Title: So #192 Fucked and Blocked is titled as such because it accurately describes my situation with Gavin; especially after this was filmed.  After months of him flirting, but only when his girl wasn’t around he started sucking my dick and swallowing loads.  He would blow me, then block me, then unblock me and text when he was either out late or had too much to drink, he would suck me off then block me, suck, swallow, block repeat….Until for weeks when ever I got that text I would tell him to get lost, then he panicked and the deal was either step up, or step off.  It was the clear if he wanted his gym fantasy it would have to be on my terms; afraid of losing his only outlet he agreed to anything and even told me he has fantasized about me fucking him and would let me.

Here is what I said, ‘What ever dude, my terms or take your issues and suppressed sexual frustrations to someone else”.  He agreed to my terms, and it is now #192!

Gavin, in total Awe, Seduced, Mind Fucked, taken, hypnotized, taking the pain and finally letting himself go and being left blinded sided, dazed and confused basically because he had just had an experience he never had before, never thought he would and only thought happened in his wildest most private dreams and the camera was watching.

Watch it unravel, watch it happen, but don’t just watch the action watch his face, his body language and listen to the dialogue, this is a must see!

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Comments: 6

Yup! Now that's what Im talkin about boss! Fuckin seduction
Boss, Bro! You are a beast. Hawt film dude! You are legit man love the true story thing just that alone was hard-on inspiring then to see it on film it is such a cool approach anyone can relate to. I agree with boys here your voice is as hot as everything else on you, you know how to use your assets inspiring man, great flick.
Insanelas, Thank you too for all your comments. All these guys are good guys and they react to other good guys. They want to be seduced but not just by anyone. It's a process, but it is real. Many are so caught up in the moment that it is almost sensory overload, a high they can't process until after. Which usually means that sex or interactions with anyone who delivers anything less is boring to them, not satisfying. They come back for that "Hit" they can't get with anyone else, The process, the camera, the situation, the fantasy, the idea that what they thought only existed in their mind, comes to life. See the Gavin Blog post link in movie description. It's how it happened.
Hey JJ700! Thanks man! The voice thing is done carefully, once the camera roles especially with a guy like Gavin, it is not intrusive so they forget it is there. Making it too much like a "production" could intimidate an already nervous guy. Having said that, what I say in their ears is meant to get in their head, have a calming hypnotic affect that really turns them on. It's what I say and how I say it, besides, I can't give away all my secrets (LOL). But yes I understand what you are saying, I prefer that no matter what you hear me say, that you see the results of what I say, that makes it pretty hot even when I watch it because I don't always know what I am going to say either it is organic.
Great one, Boss! I loved the whispering and mental stuff but it was hard to get my volume up so I could really hear your sexy voice-- maybe there's a way you can adjust for that next time without having to move camera closer? Excellent and Real as always!!
always love seeing hot guys fall for boss’ magic! First Brandon then Ryan now Gavin! Love it very much when you are verbal! I personally think when you are giving it to them your voice is super sexy and seductive and that sure is one of the reasons why they submitted themselves to you! Great movie!