#190 Boss Breeds Ryan -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 44


Boss Claims Ryan in a seducing, cock sucking, face slapping, finger stretching raw fuck done Boss Style.  The first of Ryan films released for now to all categories.

Full Treatment: Another Boss attack seduction on a scared but willing secret submissive jock.  Kissing, face slapping, mind bending, ass fingering and raw fucking.  I claim and breed him, Boss style.

Addicted: Ryan, a boy who wanted to experience being the Boss’s Boy, but was squeamish about going on film until he met with me first time.  It took him a while to agree to anything other than just a private live cam, but he did.  Then we couldn’t stop him.

Loosing him up: In this film I claim him officially, seduce him, relax him and go for the kill as I fuck him raw and dump a thick post gym load in his ass.  But not before he sucked my dick like a champ and I prepped him with my fingers, 3 to be exact.  A task that you will see in later films he graduated up from 3.

Letting Go! Ryan is a champ, can fuck for hours and hard.  He is in a job that is somewhat high profile, so he is very low key and conservative most of the time.  This is his outlet to cut loose and he did in multiple films.  Here is his first.

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Comments: 4

Great chemistry again, Boss! The end with both of you walking around hard is amazing too...hope you'll meet again with more for us soon!
Finally got to see Ryan! Love it when boss is dumping his power load in muscular guys
watched this again today, really like Ryan boss you are a hot fuck ..woof
hot! always stoked to watch the boss breed and take control.