#19.5 Athlete's Feet, Matt Cums on his Own Sweaty Feet, Jason Licks it off! -

Approx Run Time: 14 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Feet are always a popular body part and as we have learned over the years it is a great place for a cock sucker and muscle worshiper to start. This scene was the third and final scene, "The Finale" of The Muscle Matt Classic 19.5 "Athlete's Feet" and it was this scene that inspired a lot of postive feedback from foot lovers during the earlier days. Foot worshipers, their groups and blogs were all over this one and it was their comments that made us realize FEET were a body part of interest. Even now, members of the same Foot Fetish community recently asked us to make a custom foot film #73-1 Brad Uses his Size 14 Feet to Jerk Matt off.

Like all our films, 19.5 Athlete's Feet was not scripted and was filmed raw as it happened. Foot fans loved the way Jason worshiped Matt's feet in #11, Matt Worshiped and Seduced, The First Blessing and requested another scene with Matt's feet getting worshiped; you asked for it! Matt did his normal hard-core workout and worked up a strong foot sweat at the request of Jason who wanted to really go deep into worshipping Matt's sweaty feet. Matt headed over to Jason's apartment where he kicked back and relaxed as Jason removed Matt's sneakers and socks and began smelling, licking and kissing Matt's feet, and sucking his toes. Working over his feet gave Matt a major hard-on. Matt stroked off and showed off his 8inch boner while Jason just focused on his feet. Then, when he was ready Matt leaned forward and blasted one of his muscle matt power cum shots all over his own feet. Before the last shot hit his feet Jason was already all over it, licking his feet clean of cum and sucking every drop left in Matt's dick!

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Comments: 3

this one is a very relatable video. I once met this guy and he too took me back to his apartment where all I was after was his feet. and I am reminded of my own personal encounter every time I watch this so when I cum it gives me almost an extra penetrative orgasm when I reach climax. I just wish Matt had really spent more time at the end making that dude really suck up every last bit of cum and had put his feet at the end more in that sticky warm thick cum when Matt shot that powerful load and some went on the floor. but still such an incredible video.
Super hot
Matt has beautiful feet. I have had a foot fetish all my life, and I would certainly be honored to be his personal foot therapist. I would like to see a video where his feet are actually massaged more, perhaps with some warm lotion, and then sucked and licked...nothing like a good foot massage. I would also love to be Matt's personal massage therapist. How can I apply?