#188 Boss Fucks Ron Raw Twice, 1 Night 2 Loads -

Approx Run Time: 45 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 11


Too Many To Remember: This is one of those films lost and now found.  Somewhere either on twitter, on the blog or in another film I mentioned I fucked Ron twice in 1 night, and you remembered.  In an email I was asked what ever happened to this film.  In a folder along with a collection of other films now getting ready for release, I found it.  (see Blog post 3 years worth of unseen films).

Twice Raw! Very hot scene, typical Boss using Ron, verbal, face slapping, 20 minute throat fucking to start, then live on cam for more of the same and an abusive back to back raw ass pounding. After I dumped the first load in his ass, I went at him again for round 2.  

1 night, 2 loads!.

Endless films with Ron, used over and over by me (The Boss) and almost all of the crew, either individually or as a group (Some VIP Only).  See below for others, but #187 Ron Used and Reused 3 times is a "Mafia Hit".


**Also see suggestions below for others Ron was used in, and other like this one!





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Comments: 3

would've liked to see more of your hot bare feet sucked and worshipped ... but hot !
damn boss your dick looks like a lead pipe, all man! Very hot head to tie and literally mean toes. Your feet alone make me cum, veiny, strong, perfect masculine jock feet!
Boss you are a FUCKING BEAST!