#187 Ron Used and Re-Used, Tag Fucked by Matt, Brad & Boss -

Approx Run Time: 32 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 133


3 on Ron, Matt, Brad and me The Boss.  It’s one thing when we get together for mutual muscle worship, it’s another when we get together to dominate a cock sucker.  Ron is the ultimate cock sucker who can’t get used enough.  So we use and Re-use him, sometimes at different times sometimes, like in #187 at the same time!

Actually what happened was I was filming Matt and Brad tagging him live on camera and the scene was so hot it got me worked up I passed the camera to Matt so I can get a quick fuck in and use the already used Ron, cock sucker on call.

Both Matt and Brad face fuck Ron, then tag fuck him, cum in and all over his ass.  I scoop their cum up and had feed Ron Matt and Brads cum.  Then when Brad goes off camera to take a shower, make takes the camera and Ron takes my dick for a face slapping, breath control choking fuck.

More like this coming with Ron and some new cock suckers that will be VIP ONLY.  This too may eventually be moved to VIP only so buy it lifetime or rent it now.

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Comments: 4

Ron is a very very lucky guy. I would love to eat cum and get cum in my ass, and then go to work in my suit, with cum in me.
Hot bottom for 3 hot tops. The masks rob me of cum facials, but I'll trade that for three (3) primo Grade-A asses on the tops. I could watch those buns punching forever.
I just signed up as a VIP and this is the first movie I watched. THIS WAS HOT AS FUCK!!! I loved watching you 3 hot muscle studs nail sexy Latin Ron. As a Latin guy myself, I creamed when you made him speak Spanish! Please post more of Ron's ass and mouth getting stuffed with your big dicks. I'd love to be him one day haha. I'm so glad I upgraded Carlo! :D
Yo your guys are fucking amazing! Great scene, Carlo best part is listening to you direct from behind the camera and seeing your hand come in (nice watch) to get involved. Watching you in action after your cock sucker was used by your crew is amazing. Never get sick of seeing any of you. Ron's ass was loaded with cum, you fishing it out to feed it to him is so "Boss". Best on the net!