#184 Brojob After a Bodybuilding show, Boss Feeds Brad -

Approx Run Time: 14 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 46


Another in a Series: #184 an unplanned Boss Cam, part of what has become the “Feeding Brad Series”  that started with #147 Boss Feeds and Breeds Brad.  Actually it started with #93 Game Changer.   You can see my (Carlo Boss) movie resume or Brads for a complete catalog.

After a Bodybuilding Show: This movie was filmed while Brad, myself and some guys from our gym went on a short road trip to a male physique bodybuilding contest.  We stayed overnight, this was filmed in my room after the show when Brad and I split off from the crowd.  Brad needed some Brotein, I need to bust a nut so… here you have it.

Had Cameras, Had Boners, Rolled Camera: Plain and simple, nice and easy. We had the cameras with us because we took some footage of our buddy who placed in the show. The time was right, the situation was right and we hard-on and cameras; why not?   I needed it, he needed it so we took advantage of that and capture this informal Boss Cam of Brad and I on the DL in my private room.  Something that we been doing for years if you follow us that has now become a popular fad and fetish… called a “BroJob”.

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Comments: 6

After BodyBuilder is the best time during the show to get pussy during the show cuz chicks are horny cuz muscle is all around them. And they just want some quick dick at the contest, The Expo all weekend at thre Parties. Some contest are worth going just for non stop pussy
there is nothing hotter than watching this Brojob in action. Carlo has such and amazing body and a beautiful thick cock but to see a muscle stud like Brad service him for his load ,feeding off of the brotein it just makes me cum so hard. i could watch it over and over.
nice sexy
Always HOT to see how Boss and Big Brad connect. It's one of the great things about the Muscle Mafia. The thing is that Brad is such an #AlphaMuscleBeast and you know he's a awesome top with that huge cock. But he knows how to be a willing hungry bottom stud for his buddies Matt and Carlo. The scenes where he bends over and takes it in his jock cunt for the Boss and for Matt are intense because Brad is definitely into it. Seeing Brad suck huge cock and eat cum straight from the Boss's massive dick never gets old. What's great too about this scene is that it is completely natural and and you can tell this is the kind of thing that happens all the time.....even hotter because these are basically two straight guys who know how to make each other feel good. The verbal from Boss/Carlo makes you real HORNY...nothin HOTTER than hearing him ask his cocksucker buddy "You want a load?" and hearing Brad still with his lips wrapped around Carlo's fuck tool say "MmmmmmmmHmmmmmmm" …. and seeing him guzzle down all that muscle sperm … Brotein ….Fuck Yeah!
Boss and Brad did so well in this one! You can see the connections, the masculinity of two muscle gods! Boss has edged Matt before, I think perhaps Matt should progress to giving a brojob to Boss? That’s gonna be so hot:)
Loved this of course-- Boss skills are masterful (Brad's Too!!) Hope it can happen again with Boss working Brad as he can so very well-- awesomeness as usual *****