#183 Brad Cums in his Shoe, A Special Gift -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 27


Foot fans, gear fetish fans this one is for you!  Brad’s big size 14 feet and big 9x7 plus monster dick (hence “BigBrad”) are obsessions with many fans, or what are known here as “Brad Fans”.  Before we stopped selling gear or items off the bodies and feet of our guys, there was one Brad Fan in particular who was collecting Brad’s socks, shoes and sneakers.  What he would do was send funds to Brad’s personal muscle fund purchase him new socks and sneakers and buy his old worn ones.

Deferred Release! On some occasions he would be extra generous and ask that we video Brad and the items and ask for a special gift, Brad actually getting off on the idea of this guy buying his smelly, used gear.  That wasn’t hard to do, Brad does get off on it, we all do.  The deal was he would buy a pair of shoes that Brad would workout in, wear out, smell up and then make a movie specifically for him.  We could eventually release the film after some time passed.  Time passed and the fan is now excited to see this film as part of our catalog; one of endless and almost countless films still not released.  

Brad Goes Back to High School: We follow Brad on a very HOT summer day in these shoes, bare feet no socks on his local High School football field and dug out.  He shows off his body a little, whips out his dick in the dug out, shows off his feet then we take it back to my truck because that is the safest place where he can pull his cock out and bust a nut.  Brad shoots a thick load in his shoes!

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