#182 Painful to Watch, Big Brad Tears up Lil Jay -

Approx Run Time: 39 Minutes

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Big Brad inside of Little Jay! Watching Brad cause pain and damage to a cock sucker's ass is a favorite past time by movie buyers.   Just see our “Hot List” and specifically see Brad’s Profile for his entire movie resume.  But like #153, Fucked Speechless and all the others like it, this one, #182 first filmed live for an audience private viewing is no different.  “Lil Jay” gets devoured, destroyed, annihilated by Big Brad.  All 280 pounds of solid muscle on top of Jay’s small framed 135 pounds is almost painful to watch yet in an erotic alpha top, no holds barred way.

The Only Speakable Words: Brad’s dick is about as long and thick as Jays Arm and it goes balls deep in Lil jay to the point where I almost thought I would see it coming out his mouth.  I coach and direct Lil Jay, keeping him calm and focused on just taking Brad.  Was he fucked Speechless like Harris? Of course he was but he too managed to get these few words out “Holy shit thats a big dick!” more than a couple of times. 

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Comments: 4

Amazing! Just joined today and I am overwhelmed how amazing all these videos are. LOVE the size difference on this!!! Besides Carlo, Brad is the biggest and hottest guy on here.
A very good film, loved the interaction between all three of them, esp. when Carlo had Lil Jay suck him off.
This is sublime. Brad is a machine. Lucky Jay - but he took it extremely well. Very, very hot.
Thank you Boss, Brad & LilJay-- there is nothing as hot and amazing as what you can do. Brad is more Brad than ever & this is one of his finest to date. 10 Stars!