#180 Boss and Ron, Shadow Fuck Gasping For Air (Live Encore) -

Approx Run Time: 31 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 40


Erotic & Dark: The mood is set from the get go with this live encore of Me (Boss) and Ron!  Mysterious, shadowy and hardcore I use and abuse Ron, and Ron as always, loves it.  

Boss in Total Control: I think by now anything with me needs little explaining but the faint lighting that causes amazing shadows is a metaphor for what happens when I breath control Ron, gasping for air as I go balls deep hardcore with another pounding he will never forget.

In control, dominant throat fucking and intermittent breath control heighten Ron’s sexual experience and mine as we have good, clean safe fun during this shoot.

Out of Breath! By the end of this film, he and I were both gasping for air, him because I controlled his breathing and me because I unleashed a pounding that was far more intense than any cardio session I could ever do in the gym.  

**Trust & Common Sense: Please note that a very high level of trust is important in a scene like this, Ron knew that while I would take complete control over his entire body, he was comfortable that I am careful enough, knowledgable enough and smart enough to know how far to take something like this; which is what anyone should be when taking domination and control to this level. Fun, interesting and erotic, not dangerous its that bond that is truly what makes it so highly erotic.

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Comments: 6

this is so hot! wish I could be Ron one day!
Boss you don't need anyone else on this site but you! I would pay double just to keep watching you in action, even watching you move and talk is erotic. You reek sex appeal and strength. Yes your other guys are hot but you are the real deal.
There is NOTHING better than The Boss! You definitely take my breath away. Your style is unmatched anywhere on the Internet, there is just something about you Boss that can be so dominant yet so passionate, caring, controlling that even while controlling the air you allow someone to breath you do it in such away that you are trusted and the sub actually wants you to control and take over everything include his ability to breath. Erotic, real, and frankly over-whelming for the senses to even watch, can't image how it feels. Very well done boss! Amazing, very well done!
Another exceptional video. Doesn't get much hotter than Boss. A higlight of the video was when you commanded him to get undressed and let you in, so hot!
Holy Fuck, Jesus Christ, I can't find words. Boss your body is outstanding you know how to use it. My fantasy is you, all the way everything about you, my fear is I don't think I can take it.