#177 Brandon Feeds Ron, Total Body Service (Live Encore) -

Approx Run Time: 32 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 59


If you need it simple, I can sum-up #177 with a few key words:

Body worship
Armpit licking
Toe sucking
Ass Eating
Dick sucking
Cum swallowing
Male Bonding

This film shows the true bond Brandon and I have.  A bond that inspired a series of “Firsts” for him. The very hot VIP Only #155 Breaking in Brandon (Hardcore: His First Time Ever).  Even in his first release, #154 Discovering Brandon you can see how turned on he was and how he and I connected.  

Another First:  Now #177 Brandon Feeds Ron, his first muscle worship scene.  This was actually filmed before the VIP #155, while he was still getting used to the entire concept of being with a guy.  But you will see that once the body worship started, and his big cut dick got hard, all he wanted was pleasure.

Tongue Everywhere:  Ron used his hands, his mouth and his tongue to seduce Brandon, licking his armpits, feet and ass clean, then deep throating his dick until Brandon nutted down his throat.  Watch Brandon's body language, and hear him moan with pleasure.  It’s authentic!

See Brandons Girlfriend milk a load out of him in VIP ONLY #166

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Comments: 4

Perfection...The Boss's verbal direction is what makes it so damn hot...
very hot. Ron eats ass almost as well as I do. loved the Boss coaching off screen too. adds a lot to the whole scene. good job guys.
Thanks for bringing Brandon on-- he's fantastic as Ron was shown and I hope you'll have him back to try more new things hopefully w/Matt and Brad too! Awesome video here--
Very hot movie! Brandon’s body is sick! Ron kinda reminds me of boss’s cock sucker Jason.Wonder where he is now. He sucked boss real good I remember.