#176 Edging Ben, Long Distance Mind Fuck -

Approx Run Time: 52 Minutes

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This is You Produce at it’s best!  Proof that hot guys with alter egos, great dicks and healthy cum shots are willing to show themselves if they trust the website and the person running it! The entire purpose for me creating this new category was for guys like Ben and films like this one. Jocks, bodybuilders, athletes who want to get off showing off but not only want, but need a safe place and safe way to do it.  Here it is….

A 7Day Montage of Edging & Cum Control: Ben let me in his head, and gave me complete control for what was suppose to only be 5 days, he pushed it to 7! An epic Mind Fuck and prolonged cum control is now #176, a series of selfie video taken by Ben of himself, exclusively for me and for you at The Muscle Mafia; recorded over a period of 7 consecutive days of Ben’s, intense cum control.

Dildos, Public Bathrooms, and Creative Edging:  Ben sets the bar high for other You Produce submissions and should get the “Selfie Award” for his creativity and his ability to take my direction, and create this film.  A series of selfie videos made up of cock shows, conversations, public edging, and private prostate stimulation so that he could build an impressive cum shot of 7 days and shoot it exclusively for me and ultimately for you.  All this video, edited and put together is 1 FULL HOUR!

Ben sports a boner several times and stops himself before he is ready to cum, then comes back in days to follow for more.  Sometimes ramping it up by using a dildo to stimulate his prostate and kick his body into cum producing over drive.  Watch how by day 1 and 2 he is pretty relaxed but by day 5 he is visibly aggressive, frustrated and needs to cum, begs me to cum in fact… but he pushes it another 2 days until he text me and asks me if he can finally cum on day 7; he didn’t think he could hold out another minute.  

Loud Screams and Smooth Cum Slurpy: In the final scene on day 7, Ben records himself at home using several massive dildos to really stimulate his prostate and get his dick so hard he couldn’t hold back, but to his credit, where most others might just shoot, Ben continues to edge himself, almost to the point of torture even to the very end.  When he finally explodes, he shoots off into a wine glass  screaming with pleasure and fills it with what looked like whip cream shooting from his dick, he swirls in the glass, takes a milk shake straw sucks it all up, eating his own 7 day brew of young cum.

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Chicago Ben’s Profile and photo album

There will be more Chicago Ben as he continues to submit video!  Leave him comments he will be reading!

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Comments: 7

Fucking hot. I shot the second I heard Ben's first slurp in the straw. I finally met my own straight Italian muscle bull who stops by when he wants. He fed me 7 loads in one night last week. I'm gonna see if he'll let us send a video in.
WOW Boss this young stud did an amazing job! hope you and Matt work him over good SOON. Congrats Ben Job Well Done
great concept Boss! how does one get you to mind fuck them from a distance? Ben is HAWT!!!
Woof! What a load, so thick Ben is a stud. I would buy his loads by the jar. HOT!
WOW! Ben is gorgeous with a sexy voice! He did an excellent job and I really hope to see a lot more of him soon.
My boy Ben did an excellent job at taking direction and running with some of his own creative ideas of edging himself out. He and I spoke every day, he was worked up, turned on and excited to do this. He could not wait for you guys to see it. I have plans for Ben, whata ya think?
Boss I Love this guy! Hot young full of cum and willing to show it only to you. You never cease to amaze me Boss Man! Ben did an awesome job at your direction. What a fucking cum shot I felt his pain holding out and his relief when he finally busted that massive nut. I almost came a couple times watching this but when he pulled out that straw and sucked up his own cum I LOST IT! Definitely want more of this from Ben!