#174 Matt and Carlo Banging Dicks! Live Last Minute -

Approx Run Time: 25 Minutes

The Buddy System

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1 of Few: What’s the best part about being out with one of The Crew? Being fucking horny and deciding last minute to go LIVE on cam!   This was one of those times, and #174 became one of the few that we have added to the movie catalog.

Live Last Minute: Matt and I were meeting to go over a few site ideas and decided,  WTF? why not do a live cam for anyone who felt like watching.  I sent out an email to a select mailing list of donors and within an hour we had a small audience and we were on...Live!

Throb! No set agenda we just went with it, Matt spent time milking me out in a few different positions, one of my favorites where I lay on my stomach and my dick gets pulled all he way back to my ass and yanked!  (I have been blessed with a very strong tough hard as stone boner).  To make “matters” even harder I tied on an extra tight silicone cock ring to make my veins explode. If I was donating blood you could literally tap a throbbing vein in my dick.

Banging Dicks, Brotein & Buddy Lube: When Matt was ready to nut, he shot all over my hard-on and I finished myself off using his thick muscle cum as warm, special lube. Mutual admiration, mutual muscle worship!

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Comments: 11

The 2 legendary stars of the site! Can’t wait to watch the 2 of you together again and this time I hope you will suck each other’s dicks and asses until completion
Fuck that's hot!!! I can't wait for Matt and Carlo to tongue each other's mouths and asses.
i love muscle dudes jerking each others cocks and making out. Please show me more moves of this.
Love the mutual hand jobs with Matt and Carlo. Show me more of this
A very arousing film! Definitely want to see more intense interactions between Matt and boss!
Wow! Hottest scene yet in my opinion. Why do i sense some intense sexual tension between the two of you? Can we get a Boss/Matt Scene!
Fascinating scenario. Well done, Carlo
Carlo's ass is RIDICULOUS! These 2 guys separately are hot to watch but together in any scene woof!! Carlo's dick is thick and meaty, Matt's big and slightly curved, the two of 'em together is a dream. Nice loads studs, send me some, yes please!
Pretty surprised how arousing the image of Carlo's ass being played with was. That scene alone makes this film worth it, but as another commenter mentioned, the scene where Carlo uses Matt's cum as lube is also pretty hot.
You guys are beasts! Boss your dick can take some punishing! You using Matt's cum as lube and putting it in your piss slit finished me off! Awesome seeing you and Matt together! more!
Just saw this as new Boss! Holy FUCK!! Get me on that list!