#171 Boss Milking Matt Live! -

Approx Run Time: 24 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 44


Matt and Carlo Together Again: By request for a live event on the new HD Live Cam. Here is what you can expect of these “Limited Ticket” live events.  The quality is impeccable, full HD and even better so are the bodies.

It’s Matt’s Turn: You have seen me edge and milk out Brad, Anthony, Kyle and some others (private live events) it’s Matt’s turn in this one. For this live event, limited tickets were offered and I used my milking skills on Matt, first to put his big 8 inch dick on full display and then his legendary load.  

Cum Controlled and Milked OUT! Here is how it was done.  I cum controlled Matt for several days before this event.  That means, I made sure he didn’t do any other cams, film, sex or jerking off for at least 5 days before the show.  Then I used the right combination of pressure, edging, tease and wrist movement to milk a load out of Matt that shot clear over his head.  He came and kept on cumming!  Check it out.

MORE: More of these in all combinations, with crew you know, crew you will meet and others you don’t know because they wont be public (VIP ONLY) will be part of future live events.  This one was one that I am rebroadcasting, however not all will be DVR’d for rebroadcast.  

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Comments: 2

Just amazing. I wanted to drop to my knees and worship the two of you.
Boss, this is some new level stuff. The intimacy and aesthetics of the film are a crazy combo. For one, its you and Matt. I could stare at both your bodies (regardless of level of dress) for hours. Its was a little torture for the viewer also. I found myself wanting to be a part of it. I saw moments where I could undo the Boss' pants or suck on Matt's cock. I kept wondering what underwear the Boss was wearing. It was hot to see you on top of Matt with your clothes on, seeing him touch your leg. The subtle intimacy was hot and I wanted to see more but then you see Matt's hard cock getting milked and the mind goes to other places. The discipline between both of you was tearing me apart. Seeing Matt's hard cock being stroked by your muscular forearm. The way Matt's body responded to your touch was hot. Watching the film was like being in the presence of Greek Gods getting physically intimate with one another. I could rematch his cum scene for hours. Seeing the build up and release (in high quality imager no less)of his man juice and where it lands is a film all in its own. Thanks boss. I feel like this is like letting us see a different part of your relationship with matt.