#170 Floor Fuck, Boss Slams Ron -

Approx Run Time: 18 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 23


This is a very simple film, with a very simple purpose.  It was leg day, I had a hard productive workout and left the gym worked up and feeling aggressive.  What better way to add a little cardio and release that aggression than to do it on a submissive cock sucker like Ron.

I text him, told him I needed to use him and he was here in 20 minutes ready to go; nothing else to say.  I did an informal, unplanned, impulse film; here it is…

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Comments: 7

HOT! Love to see the Boss take what is rightfully his from his admirers. Although if I were getting pounded like that I am sure there would be more words than "big" and "fat" to describe the Boss' cock in me.
Ron is a fortunate guy to get some much Boss dick. I wish you would own me like that... a guy can dream ;-)
Slul01: He loves how I fuck him, I am very selective who I fuck, but need someone who can take it..he can. As far as being in love with me, well he def has an obsession with my dick (his own words) says it's the best cock and attached to the hottest guy he has ever met. I will take his word for it based on how he drops what ever he is doing just to get a look at it. Lots of Ron movies with me to be seen (smile)
Boss- I love this film. I low key think that Ron is in love with you. Seems that he really likes to get fucked by u.
Dude, Boss, you look amazing in this film. Ron seems like a nice guy but damn, you could have way more fun with me. I’m hotter and would worship you. Hit me up. ;)
Boss - great title, like that you're boned from the start, how you show off the cocksucker's pretty face. Great throat fucking. You're gentle but treat him like the toy he is. Breath play always makes me want to nut so I had to go hands off at that part. Any vid that shows off your ass and hole is a good vid. The bottom wasn't as into being used as I would've liked considering your treatment of him - but he did like being fucked.
Hot film. Couldn't think of anything better than recieving a text from Carlo telling me to be at his place in 20 minutes ready for service and submission. Every muscle alpha should have at least 1 or 2 boys that they can call on whenever they need to blow off some steam and aggression like Carlo did in this clip.