#17 Scene 3: Manny's Weakness for Muscle Cum -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 6


Manny loves Matt's cum and was begging for more in this scene shot during our road trip back to Florida. Dudes certainly suck better than chicks, well some anyway, this one for sure. Manny is a 26-year-old guy with a great job he actually designs commercial cruise ships; but he has a weakness for muscle, big dicks and healthy jock cum! He was nervous about filming because of his career and the position he holds but he could not resist this once in a lifetime opportunity.  The only position for him while filming this was to get on his knees so he could service and swallow Matt! 

This scene gets HOT when he gets right down on my Matt’s cock and deep throats every inch on every stroke. You will see and hear him choke on Matt’s big dick taking it all the way to the nuts and then some; definitely a passionate cock sucker.

Another fantasy he had was to eat Matt’s ass!   Manny does an awesome job of this licking Matt’s ass, balls and pulling his cock all the way back so he can suck it from behind; Matt was loving it! The evidence of that is when Matt was ready to cum, he got up on the coffee table and Manny got on his knees with his mouth open and tongue out! Matt blows a classic musclematt power cum shot right into his face and mouth soaking him in cum and filling his mouth...He got Blessed! Manny was like a leach stuck to Matt’s cock sucking out every drop like one of those cruise ship passengers of his at a free all you can eat buffet.  He begged for more even called the next day for another shot; maybe next time.  Been there done that, thanks Manny see ya!

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