Matt Classic #17 Scene 2: Battle of the Big Shooters, Matt & Jonathon -

Approx Run Time: 19 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 30


True Story: This scene was part of DVD #17. By the time #17 was produced we knew The Muscle Mafia and had its own niche and was hear to stay so we began talking to a few of our gym buds to join and cash in on the bodies they built and features they were "Blessed"; and born with. Jonathon was the first of our buddies to agree and the reason he did was because he bragged that he was a big shooter, and thought he had a big fat dick so, I challenged him to film and Matt challenged him to film along side him to show just who had the better body, the better dick and the bigger cum shot. Battle of the Big Shooters was filmed, so watch it and you decide who gets to take home the prize.

This was an immediate hit when it was released because it was the first anyone other then a cock-sucker and Matt appeared in one of our films, it was the first to bring in another muscle buddy and explore the mutual admiration muscle guys and jocks secretly might have toward one another (penis envy) I think some mental health professionals call it!

UPDATE: Jonathon never appeared in any other films after this one, not because he didn't want to but because his family lived in Europe and he returned there to finish school.  To this day, he emails or calls and is always checking out the site.  His last email to me was when we released the 10 year anniversary trailer.  He sent his congradulations and said he is proud to have his small part in such an awesome site and awesome concept!

See other scenes from this Film, 17-1 Our buddy Pete shows off and strokes off his 10x7 and 17-3, Manny's Weakness For Muscle Cum, where Matt busts a big nut in Manny's mouth.

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