#163 Brad Rides Matt (Live Encore) -

Approx Run Time: 19 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 96


The New Technology: The new Remote cam is starting to put out some great quality film. Matt and Brad get together for a small audience who watch like a fly on the wall as they just let what ever happens happen! A two camera shoot, one capturing the entire room and the other my iPhone broadcasting live as I put the audience right in the action. (See blog post “Live Anywhere”)

Prostate and Balls Emptied: Matt and Brad put out another real and raw intense film.  Making out, sucking, ass eating and fucking.  Genuine mutual muscle worship and 2 trusting buddies enjoying both their bonds and their bodies. It took a little slow stretching and getting used to, but Brad eventually puts Matt’s 8 inches balls deep and rides it like a champ.  Both guys cum almost simultaneously, Matt’s usual power cum shot all over himself and a big thick muscle load from big brad milked from his prostate by Matt’s dick.

Hot scene, great LIVE HD quality that brings you right in the room as if you were there.  More live events like this one are planned.

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Comments: 13

You two have such chemistry... 2 beautiful manly men doing what real men do best!
I wish every Alpha male in America would just spend one week checking out MuscleMatt. This site proves a simple truth, and proves it undeniably. In SportSex, men lose not one particle of their manliness, masculinity or manhood. They just don't. All they do is gain: gain an expanded repertoire of hot ways to get off, with the huge side benefit of being able to bond deep with a brother just as manly as you. SportSex doesn't put Manhood in doubt. It honors and celebrates it. One more great way for bros to deal with the Testosterone overload men all deal with. One more way to feel great. Why the hell not?
Fucking hot! Matt and Brad kissing is one of the best reasons to watch their videos.
Man this is what you call SPORT SEX!!!! The combo of Brad and Matt is always great and Boss camera work adds to the experience. HOT seeing how these two straight alpha studs get into getting behind closed doors being comfortable making FOR REAL. Then seeing Brad spread his muscle thick legs for Matt to tongue his jock pussy like it's a good meal is off the charts!!! Ya know Brad likes taking it deep from Matt when he sits on his thick cock BALLS DEEP and he has all the right moves gyrating his body to make Matt shoot that creamy load of jizz he always makes! Next up we gotta see Matt give up his muscle cunt to his bro Brad!
I wanna see Brad fuck Matt! I think Matt would shoot the minute he's penetrated!!! They're both into kissing.
Like wine, Matt and Brad (and the Boss) keep getting better and better (and juicier). They defy time. Your fans appreciate this. The connection in undeniable. Wished Carlo got into it...Teaser for a sequel reunion.
Just like the other videos with Matt and Brad, this one was incredible too. Watching two alpha muscle studs making out, sucking each other's cocks, Matt eating Brad's ass before he fucked it raw the way men are supposed to fuck was great as always. And hearing Matt say that he wanted Brad to cum on him was damn hot. Watching Matt working Brad's cock while fucking him made me wonder what it would feel like to have Matt's hard cock in my ass while his hand was stroking my cock.
These two muscle studs have a connection thats is incredible! The sucking and muscle ass eating and fucking is all hot and so genuinely into giving pleasure to each other...but when these two muscle men are making out... damn, thats amazing, hot "buddy love"!
Amazing. Too bad all that sperm was wasted. A hungry cocksucker would have eaten it gratefully.
I with your Silver, fucking hot! Matt's dick massaged and milked out Brad's prostate its beautiful to see 2 ultra masculine DL men connect this way and cause each other such intense pleasure. It's a bond like no other. I envy it. Great film and privilege to watch and be part of it.
jj and GT! More coming, more planned!
Fucking Fucking HOT!
You have outdone yourselves w/this one...it's unbelievably hot esp for those of us who worship Matt, Boss and Brad and have followed you 3 in awe for years...the making out & mutual stroking --the 69-- I only wish it was a longer film!! More like this please! It was worth waiting for. Just absolutely the best. The volume of cum on Matt from both men is truly incredible. Made me really hungry! Wow :-o