#160 The Gift: Boss Gives Matt Brad's Ass -

Approx Run Time: 34 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 76


The Gift that Keeps On Giving: Often I am asked when or how was it decided that after Brad made a contract with me, The Boss, to own his ass did he then Matt start fucking him.  Simple answer, you asked for it first off, then I gave him to Matt and after seeing their chemistry I decided it was a gift what could keep on giving and it is.

Authentic Enviable Chemistry Pulled From The Vault:  This film was taken from our film vault, a never released film until now.  Matt and Brad show their chemistry and it becomes clear to the viewer why I make the decisions I make.  Nothing could be more real or genuine than this film and although I have seen these guys go at it in other films and live cams both released and non- released as encores; this one got me worked up.  I too was lost in the authenticity of their chemistry and friendship and the erotic yet ultra masculine way in which they naturally make it happen. As I have been told before about our films, they don’t just inspire sex, they inspire wanting to find the right buddy to have that sort of connection with for real, trusting, satisfying sex that can be done with complete peace of mind.  It is rare but it does exist, as you can see through our films.  They arouse the body with the sex, but the mind and heart with a healthy envy.

Sweat and Cum: These 2 go at after I first submerge Brad in the bathtub and soap up his dick and ass to clean Brad and get him ready for me to give him over to Matt. You can see as the movie progresses who Brad is sweating through his mask from both the pleasure and the pain of taking Matt deep and raw.  You can see both bodies sweat as the intensity of the scene progresses and Matt eventually unloads one of his power cum shots in Brad’s ass.  Brad let’s his own power cum shot fly as well.  Very hot scene, and there are others still unreleased both from the vault and that were just recently shot.


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Comments: 6

Brad let Matt cum inside is totally hot, showing how much they trust each other!
Fuck, that was super hot! Watching two muscular bodies had me cumming in the first couple minutes. Had to stop and edge for brads load shooting out and then I came so much !
Jesus man oh man, the bodies and dicks on these 2 off the hook scene!
I am new to this fantastic site and I am in aww of the way it is done. It was genius of Carlo put these 2 together he knew exactly what he was doing. That's why you are The Boss Carlo!
Fantastically hot pairing. More please!!
WOW!! Holy Fuck!