#16 Scene 2: Stop Drop and Roll Over, Matt Pounds Paul! -

Approx Run Time: 25 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 21


RARE: The $59.95 Vault DVD 16; this is the other scene on Stop, Drop and Roll Over Matt Pounds Ricky and Paul. After turning Ricky's world upside down in the first scene Ricky told his buddy Paul who has an obsession with muscle jocks with big cocks. He showed him Matt's photo and the begging began. In this scene, Paul drops to his knees to give Matt total cock service and offers up his ass to be used like a fuck toy and so he did. The Scenes from 16 are among the MOST WATCHED!

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Comments: 4

Matt’s ass is BEAUTIFUL. I really love how Paul took his time I’m really rimming Matt’s hole. Carlo, I Could you Please do more rimming scenes with Matt?
Paul s a beautiful young cock whore who knows what he wants and loves what he does. He knows neither shame (because there isn't any) nor embarrassment he sucks passionately to fulfill a deep seated primal need. He will never experience regret or remorse only sweet pleasure. He's like me, there's a cunt deep in our throats that needs pounding from both ends... The one disappointment in this scene is that Paul doesn't swallow, He worked himself up into a fit of passion and then he doesn't swallow the fruit. Swallowing is the icing on the cock. By the way Matt as always is a lover. A top who knows how to really please his bottom..
This has always been one of my favorite MuscleMatt videos and after all the years remains one of my go to videos.....love the scene with Paul. Paul really knew how to worship Matt's body and Matt seem to enjoy every minute of it. When Paul gets Matt flat on his back, Matt's legs spread, Paul between Matt's legs with his hard cock pointing at Matt's ass.....I hit the pause button and dream!!!!!