#158 Matt and Carlo Breeding Jimmy -

Approx Run Time: 37 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 65


Meet Jimmy, A Character:  Jimmy is a buddy of mine, I know him from Brooklyn, a tough street kid that holds some titles for amateur boxing.  He also holds a few titles as a bit of a hot head which is another story all together.  But through a series of circumstances Jimmy made it known to me that he liked to blow of steam by getting fucked and made it even more known that if he was going to go there he would only want Matt or me or us both at the same time.

See the Boss V-Blog post of my interview with Jimmy (VIP ONLY) where I got in his head, teased him which lead to this film.  It's real!

An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse: Jimmy did a few cams with Matt and me separately, but because of his tattoos those cams were not recorded. However I tweeted a few photos of Jimmy and me a while back, (@themusclemafia). What often happens is once I post just a few photos or begin talking about a new guy, followers email, tweet or comment on that guy, Jimmy was one of those guys.  Some of those comments and emails came with donations for Jimmy as an enticement to have him perform in a feature film that was recorded and that feature film is now #158. Actually, a generous donation was given from a very loyal follower who wanted to watch that filming live, that sweetened the deal for Jimmy, (an offer he couldn’t refuse) so the donations, that offer and  his unquestionable trust in me all came together in the film you are about to see.

Euphoria For Jimmy: So you will watch as Matt kicks this off.  This was originally suppose to be just Matt and Jimmy and I was going to film and direct it, but in a last minute split decision after Matt busted his power load in Jimmy’s ass, I passed the camera to Matt and said “Here, you take over.”  So Matt still naked after fucking Jimmy, took over the camera and I took over slamming Jimmy’s ass in what I call a “quick dump and breed”.  Sometimes I call a quick pity fuck I might give to a guy who I know wants my load too but I am never sure Im into it until Im into it; that night I was into it.  So after Matt got done railing him in multiple positions like only Matt can, I used Matt’s cum as lube and made Jimmy’s night by dumping busting my own load in his ass and as you will hear in describe at the end of the film, getting fucked and breaded by both Matt and me at the same time was Euphoric.

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Comments: 10

Jimmy is one lucky slut not only to get a great fuck but to get a load from the boss himself!!!
Hi Cockworshiper, don’t know if you can see this but I’m saying it anyway, become a vip member so you can watch whatever whenever you want! Rentals expire quickly, not to mention that you have no access to all the steaming hot VIP movies! Just become a VIP! It’s absolutely amazing!
Second time I've rented #158 so hot! Luv the way Matt pounds ass!
Been a member for years, but never commented on a vid so far.. That said, this was effing amazing. Alpha on Alpha, raw fun. This is what musclematt is all about. Fuck!
I watched the the entire video and I definitely loved the dynamic! I want more videos like this! I loved seeing a big and perfect ass like jimmy’s getting fingered by matt and that wasn’t even it for me. Seeing his fat ass riding Matt’s cock was even more enrapturing! After Matt has unloaded Carlo takes over and finishes him off and opens up that butthole to ensure his victory.I want more of this caliber! More fingering and big asses riding big cock is what I want to see!
I can’t wait to get my hands on this video! Just the trailer and the images alone are uber enticing...You guys are amazing and I love what you do! You guys bestow us with unique porn ambience with each video! Please keep it up and I mean literally!
Dam, you've right on spot with this video. All that muscle, great attitudes the guys have, you jumping in. Keeps getting better.
Another incredibly “euphoric” video as Jimmy would say. You have to see this one to believe it. First you see three incredible bodies handcrafted by God himself. But let me focus on Jimmy. Once again I am speechless. Tall, muscular, athletic, hairy, tats, a boxer so he knows no fear – a real man’s man. And what is the first thing he does??? He climbs into bed with Muscle Matt, takes off his briefs and goes straight for Matt’s beautiful cock and sucks the man off. This is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. With a perfect body comes the perfect ass. Matt, who shares with Carlo, kindly oblige Jimmy’s ass. This becomes a win/win for not only Matt, Carlo and of course Jimmy but for we viewers, as well. Like the other posts, this is porn with class, that is if we can lump this and porn together. We sense the chemistry, we know what they are feeling, we are not cursed with fake groans and off the shelf soundtracks – but two MEN who are expressing their masculinity. It’s watching the real thing. What also makes this standout, is how Matt and Carlo go to such extremes to make their guys feel at ease before a shoot. TOP this video, I dare ya!
Just finished watching the movie. Outstanding fuck scene with the Incredible “SuperMatt “rimming Jimmy little boy puss for longest time. An Amazing scene to watch Just for that .You can hear the sound of Matt ‘s fingers going in and out of his wet hole . I don ‘t blame Carlo for jumping on jimmy ‘s butt after Matt breeds his insatiable cunthole. Matt and Carlo are amazing dudes. No wonder they have been around for 18 years plus with phenomenal success simply by delivering awesome goods each time. Perfect for DL alpha married/ bi curious customers ...Cause Who wants to watch typical boring gay porno ...Bravo Carlo continua cosi !!!!
Hey, Carlo, I don't know where you get this stuff from. It's so different from any other porn out there, yet it's the best. Like all great art, it must be divinely inspired. You must have some hotline to divinity. What's sad is that, because it's porn, you'll never get reviewed in the NY Times and stuff. But you're a genius, a real genius. I'm always told the making of porn, as hot as it is, is actually profoundly unerotic: a lot of waiting, clumsy posing, interruption, and just technical stuff that's not really fun for the director or the models. But you create a finished product that seems to contradict that. You create a vision where the participants seem really to enjoy what they're doing. I'm fairly certain you'll never tell me the truth, but are you and your crew actually enjoying this stuff as it's produced? Or is it just like other porn sets--grim work?