#157 Ron's Birthday Fuck -

Approx Run Time: 36 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 34


The Gift That Keeps On Giving: What better Birthday gift could a cock sucker ask for than 1 cake, 1 candle and 2 cocks from the hottest most sought after studs on the internet (Boss and Brad)? Am I over stating that?  You decide, is it a gift you would graciously receive?  Ron did, and now that gift will keep on giving as another movie to be perpetually watched by musclematt.com members.

It’s a Party! When I heard Ron’s Birthday was coming I asked him what his favorite flavor cake was, he said lemon, when I ask his favorite cock flavor he said “You Boss” and Brad.  Ok, done and done.  So we set the date, set up the cameras and let it happen.

Happy Bird-day to Me! In true Boss style I made Ron sing Happy Birthday to himself which, was pretty funny to hear. Now it’s time to blow the candle, eat cake and blow Brad, so I thought we might as well do them all at the same time!

Brad Fucks The Cake: We didn’t need to cut the cake, we had Brad’s dick which was growing into it’s massive almost 10 inch boner.  Brad took the cake and his monster cock and tore up the cake feeding it scoop by scoop to Ron right off his dick. Ron deep throats every inch, eating his Birthday Cake the way every cock sucker should.

Brad Fucks Ron: After his Birthday cake, we went live on camera for a fan who wanted to watch the rest of the night’s events.  That’s when more cameras were setup, and I let Brad loose on Ron to go balls deep and fuck the Birthday Boy.  Brad slammed him as usual.

Surprise! Boss Fucks Ron: In a turn of events and a surprise for the Birthday Boy, I hand the camera over to Brad and he films me doing a quick slam fuck on Ron. This boy got used hard that night and it’s a birthday he will never forget.  Watch it!

Additional Content For VIP ONLY: (Setting Ron Straight, an attitude adjustment): VIP Members checkout my video blog: VIP Video Blog You all know I am deep in Ron's head, he is obsessed with me and pleasing me, but that presents a problem at times.  Before shooting #157 I sat down with Ron to straighten a few things out and give him some great Boss Advice!

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Comments: 4

holy shit i never knew eating cake and sucking icing off someones cock could be so hot. i could watch ron lick icing off brads meat all day. such a hot video. great work
Wow...two on one both ends .. !!
Love this scene! Incredible as usual, I wsih i was so lucky to have a birthday cake/gift like this one!