#153 Fucked Speechless, Harris's Pain -

Approx Run Time: 32 Minutes

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Does any film with Brad fucking need an explanation? BigBrad fans know exactly what kind of punishing he can dish out!

Harris, here to attend college but originally from Australia has gotten his welcome to America first by being tag teamed by Matt and Brad in a couple of live cams.  (See #114 and #123 Tag Teaming Harris).  Now this time Brad takes him on himself and leaves nothing left when he power fucks Harris like only Brad can.

Harris starts out sucking Brad’s Monster Dick, then gets Brad all worked up by eating his big muscle ass.  When Brad is ready he throws Harris down and slips his dick horse dick in Harris’s little skinny ass as Harris moans, and gasps in pain.  When I asked how does it feel, Harris is left unable to talk as the reality sets in at that moment he is getting fucked, power slammed, jack hammered by none other that Big Brad.


VIP MEMBERS: Check out my V-Blog entry Harris Needs a Break from Brad, 153 Behind the Scenes (VIP ONLY) with some outtakes and behind the scenes of this film. See how we had to stop shooting so Harris could catch his breath and let the pain subside. He tells you how it felt.

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Comments: 7

It's been awhile since I've seen this film, but what I won't forget is when Brad demanded Harris to "bring him that ass." The evolution of Brad is a personal favorite of mine. The moment he discovered the joys of fucking boy pussy/manhole and never looked back! You can see this clearly as he pounds Harris.
Can't get enough of the muscle domination and size difference. I get really turned on by seeing a huge guy like Brad just use someone smaller than him and this was the perfect scene to describe it. Jealous of Harris haha
Loved the overall muscle domination, but especially how Brad just sat his ass down on the sub's face, making him lick Brad's ass over and over. Plus true poindings and throatfucking and nasty verbal. Great job!
This is one of the best movie I have ever seen. But still I think you are doing some injustice to Brad. Because this guy is so hot , there is something missing. I really wish to see Brad fucking some guy like Lil jay or pete in mid air like a rag doll. That would be epic. I wish some day this kind of scene will come to reality. Finger crossed.
such a great film--we need them to have another session again soon. They have great chemistry and clearly enjoy themselves fully--
this scene is so hot. brad totally dominates harris. go to be at the mercy of brad
Love the hard pounding that Brad puts down on Harris. Its always a huge turn-on when Brad wants his ass eaten to get him harder and ready to slide his dick back in to Harris' little ass or mouth. Love to see these guys get more and more into Brad's ass because it charges the scene up even more. Super hot scene here!