#15.5 Escalade Escapade Matt Cums on the Steering Wheel -

Approx Run Time: 17 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 16


DVD 15.5, was a special presentation for mailing list only members and later released as a public DVD.  Matt wanted to give website viewers something hot and spontaneous and this is what we got.  Matt called me, told me to bring the camera and ride home with him one day after an early shift.  Matt takes you on a ride in his truck and shows you that there is nothing “hands free” about jerking and driving.  He shows off a big boner driving and stroking as cars are passing right by the window.  The public risk turns him on as you can see when he blasts a huge muscle matt load up in the air, all over the steering wheel and dashboard.  The truck got a cum bath, watch it drip down the seat and off the steering wheel as he has to pull over, remove his t-shirt and clean up his mess!

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Comments: 4

Everyone has their fave video. This is my fave. Still. And probably forever. HE'S SO HOT!!
Can you show up when I need an Uber?
Fucking Mattastick!!!!!!
Thanks to this movie, I always wonder when I pass by an Escalade on the road if a hot muscle guy on the same level as Matt (if that's even possible) is driving it and stroking out a load at the same time. Hot movie and definitely one of my favorites.