#147 Boss Feeds and Breeds Brad -

Approx Run Time: 26 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 54


Boss and Brad at it again, an unplanned night post workout.  

Brad Gets His “Brotein”, Boss Super Sperm:  This is a fact, cum contains is composed of over 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc .  The levels of each vary depending on the size, weight, diet and exercise of the guy whose cum you are swallowing.  Get it from an ultimate alpha male like Carlo and its one potent injection of super sperm.  In scene 1 of #147 Brad gets his post workout shot of clean healthy boss “Brotein”

Boner Turbo Boost:  (If you don’t like needles fast forward past this part) This part of the video is an experimental one.  In my many travels I came a across a doctor who told me that he works with a compound lab that makes an injectable solution that will cause an instant raging hard-on.  This stuff must be refrigerated and it does not last long after opening.  Brad and I were equipped with 2 insulin needles and 2 doses.  I gave my dick a shot, then grabbed Brad’s dick and give it a shot.  Small pinch but feels like hot sauce being injected into your dick. (kinda hot).

Since I already shot one load in scene 1 it definitely gave me a boost, but because Brad didn’t his boner nearly tore through his skin and there was only one way to satisfy that boner.

Brad Gets Bred:  Because this special injection caused Brad such an uncomfortable but enjoyable raging hard-on the only way to get that bad boy down and satisfy this “big boy” was for me to be a sport and fuck his brains out.  Done!  I dropped another load in his ass, as usual.

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Comments: 9

Words to inscribe on a marble monument to sex: "Male sexuality is fascinating, it appears to some complex, but in reality is very simple, what makes it complex is our minds." That's from the Boss. That's WHY he's the Boss. This whole breakthrough, this whole MuscleMatt Experiment, this venture into a better world: It's like some SciFi advanced world, but it's real. Guys, I don't boast, and I don't throw money around. But if you are as moved by this brave sane venture as I am, for fuck's sake, throw a little money on the fire. Ps. No, Carlo and I don't know each other at all. This isn't a dumb-ass commercial much less a con. It's just one man seeing an amazing change in history being made, and hoping you see it too.
Max! Thanks for the comment this was spontaneous like many others. There are endless stories with Brad, live events and situations off camera. This captures a little bit of all of that. Nothing we do is staged, its organized to the extent that we capture a good film yes, but staged no. Sometimes it's grab the camera and shoot and see what we get later. What you see in our films is what really happened, the good, the not so good, the real as things will always happen in life. We are all human, we (human beings) all have moments, we all like to explore and experience things to keep life interesting. Male sexuality is fascinating, it appears to some complex but in reality is very simple, what makes it complex is our minds, some over think it, some allow guilt and what others "Might Think" creep into their minds. It is not our bodies it is our minds that complicate sex. Always, be smart, careful, safe, spontaneous doesn't mean impulsive or foolish, it means a fantasy that is thought about that when presented you grab the opportunity.
This is my first comment ever—I think there will be more for I decided it was time for me to express how much I appreciate this site and all its acting participants. I've been a member for some time and thought I had seen every single video, but this one had passed my vigilance! I'm happy I found it because the 2 of you are hot as hell + the fact that it was not staged / spontaneous added a lot to its sexiness. Brad is gorgeous in all his masculinity—and so are you, Boss. Thanks for the show!
This is incredible – the camera work could not capture a hotter video of two studs who obviously have “IT”. Working each others dicks, getting them hard for each other. Then a near 7’ mountain of muscle is on his back spreads his legs, moans and takes a buddy’s muscle cock up his ass. The camera takes you in to see his hairy hole mixed with sweat and cum. Tell me, how do you top that.
Had to catch this again .... Man it's hot watching Big Brad get on his knees to suck the Boss's huge dick and pretty much beg for his pre-cum! And ya gotta love when this 6ft 7in alpha muscle stud lies on his back and spreads those tree trunk legs so Boss can sink his hard cock balls deep in his tight hole. The moans of pleasure from both these guys ... and the verbal "fuck yeah...that's awesome!" are enough to give ya wood. Boss needs to keep breeding Brad ALOT more!!!
Ridiculously hot! The kissing and seeing the Boss' sexy back and that full, dark head of hair was too hot for words. I'd definitely like to see more of this in future films. Great job as always, Boss.
Damn.. that is one hot video! The Boss and Brad together are the definition of "Buddy time"! :) To watch a big muscled man like Brad unzip a buddy and suck his cock like a pro is so incredibly hot.. and then Carlo teasing his muscle ass with his cock head and fuck him as you hear Brad moan how good it feels...fuck, it doesn't get any hotter!!!
Really great video! It's always great seeing the two of them having fun and going at it. I'm curious if there were any side effects from the shots. I mean besides the giant hardons
No secret that Carlo and Brad have a real bond and #147 shows it. These guys got chemistry that you can't fake. And a lot of trust. This is ULTIMATE SportSex with these guys. They are both looking AWESOME and they have been working out which is great to see. The experiment about MUSCLE cum between bodybuilding buddies is one Brad is game to try and looks like he's gonna be drinking Carlo's sperm all summer (gotta have more scenes). It's really HOT seeing Big Brad as a CockSucker for Carlo not cause he's submissive but cause he craves Boss's dick and wants that potent CUM. Even hotter when he spreads his thick tree trunk muscle legs to give up his tight muscle cunt for Boss to fill with a 2nd load of jizz. Watching the #BossAndBigBrad FUCK scenes never gets old