#146 Brad Massages His Own Prostate, Live Private Show Encore -

Approx Run Time: 22 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Hitting That Spot: Who doesn’t like a good back scratching, and if you do does that determine your sexuality?  The answer is no, it just means you like the satisfying feeling of scratching that itch.  The same with the male prostate, which is essentially the Male G-Spot.  Massaging or “hitting” the prostate causes a strong intense orgasm in men.  In fact having your prostate properly massaged stimulates blood flow to the prostate erection nerves which are responsible for strong hard erections.  This gets all technical, but the bottom line is it feels fucking good and it is equally as intense for the person performing the prostate massage.  You have seen some of my other films with Brad and other buddies, (Search movie categories, see the "check it out section" below for recommended films or my film resume) it is erotic to take an otherwise strong, powerful alpha male and reduce him to “mush” by just the right touch in the right place, to get him off.  Sometimes everything else just wont do it, and for someone like myself, I get off getting a buddy off by using fingers, toys and of course my dick; its power and domination, but requires great trust.

Does This Define You? This has nothing to do with the pursuit of identifying your sexuality, but has everything to do with the pursuit of extreme pleasure that only another guy can understand and know how to perform.  This is enjoying your sexuality at its best, girls have their place but guys just know how to hit another guy the right way, and those that explore this facet male human sexuality experience things men who don’t never will. It’s a sport, and men organically take their role in this situation. Regardless of your role, the giver or receiver; its intense!

Private Cam: This live cam was inspired by a very loyal Brad fan that wanted to watch Brad get himself off by using a dildo or “butt plug” live on cam while he watched.  You already know that Brad is a beast, a versatile guy that likes to give it and take it!  In this film he taught and teases not only himself but the the viewer as well.  He inserts the dildo and fucks himself with it, watch how hard Brad gets, what how engorged his 9x7 dick gets and especially watch how hitting his own prostate produces a double orgasm.  He comes once then immediately cums again shooting off a very thick, built up and massaged out load.


For more of Brad dishing it out hard, and taking it see his film resume.

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Fuck he is HUNG!
Big Brad's LIVE CAM shows are pretty HOT. The more of them he does the more you see what a real exhibitionist he is and how he lets all his inhibitions go when it comes to showing off that body and that 10inch MONSTER COCK. And here he has no problems bending over to spread those beefy muscle glutes and expose that sweet jock hole. This encore is definitely proof that if you want a STUD who gives a SEXY private live cam show BigBrad is the man. There's something HOT too about a huge muscular guy (all 270lbs of muscle) lying back spreading his thick legs and fucking his own hole with fingers then a prostate massager. DAMN....and this guy shoots ropes of cum that are as thick as mayonnaise....total gusher....what a FUCKIN STUD.