#143 Derek Worshipped and Seduced -

Approx Run Time: 29 Minutes

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A New Cum Guzzler: Before I get to the scene that is now #143, I should tell you about the cock sucker, Ron, who I have vetted and used myself in a film that will become yet another in the Boss Series “Mind Fuck”.  Ron first came on as potential cock sucker in October of 2016 and was first introduced on twitter in November.  He is a Latin college jock who is very quiet, very submissive but comes alive when quality dick is put in his face; he will please anyone I (Carlo) tell him to.  Since late October Ron has made countless films and has done countless live cam events sometimes once a week or more since.  Some of these will be a live encores, some won’t, and others will be for VIP ONLY.  None-the-less Ron has swallowed a 6 pack full of muscle cum over the last 5-6 months.

You Asked For It: I am releasing this ahead of all his other films as your first introduction to Cock Sucker Ron because you the viewers were asking me when and if Derek “Big D” will ever get worshipped on film; this is because you asked.

A Giant: Derek, “Big D” or as he calls himself, “King Dong” was first introduced to you on our twitter with the official announcement and his personal intro video to you. Since he has done live cams and a few films, again some for public, some for VIP ONLY.  This, #143 Derek Worshipped and Seduced is exactly that.  His first time ever having his body admired and his dick worshipped.

Some Things Come Natural: #143 was first performed as a live cam for a very loyal movie and cam watcher, I was there for the introduction and some small talk, then I step out of the way to work a second camera for a full shoot capturing everything as it happened.  Ron shows he is a champion cock sucker and will pleasure anyone I tell him to when he works up a sweat to get Derek off hard and he does.  Derek shoots of a massive thick load and makes Ron hold it in his mouth and spit it back out all over his cock and balls and lick it up again.

It was Derek’s first time ever getting serviced by a guy and his first time ever on film.  I thought I would need to give more direction and ease Derek into the scene.  My experience has been, and this proves it that being admired, having his ego stroked and believing he truly deserves nothing but total admiration and cock service comes natural to a true egomaniac and confident alpha male. That is because a guy of "our breed" usually plays this out in his mind over and over because he knows it's what he deserves, but doesn't think it can exist beyond an ego stroking, boner inspiring fantasy.  The Muscle Mafia, what we do and how we do it turns fantasy into reality for a very select few.

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Comments: 5

Outstanding. Flawless. Every cocksucker needs to worship a man of color like that. It makes us better at what we do.
Big D has the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Being Black makes me want to hunt him down and take him home to meet the folks.
#143 is a very hot video I love it so much
Good video. I thought Big D was a little too nervous, but with time I am sure he will be a perfect member of the crew. He became much more verbal and dominant toward the end of the film, esp. with the boss's instruction. Will be looking forward to the next release!
This is definitely the beginning of a HOT new series #BigDAndRon ... When Boss introduced Derek to us fans how could any of us know what a STUD he is but then after his first solo cam/video and we see that AMAZING body and huge COCK and we knew this muscle god was gonna be a top star among the crew. This #143 lets ya see how HOT it can be for a guy to finally get the attention of good COCK SUCKER. Derek is fucking amazing to look at...and has got body that won't stop. Those pecs, those legs that bubble ass and that thick PENIS are made for the kind of SportSex that the Boss knows how to shoot on film. Let's get more of this sexy man out on film. Maybe start a series "BIG BRAD and BIG D Train+TEAM a COCK SUCKER" .... now that would be a major turn on!