#142 Boss Fucks Brad, Epic Edging Part2 -

Approx Run Time: 20 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 29


Load 2 Part 2: This is a continuation of #141 Boss and Brad Epic Edging.  As if it wasn’t enough Brad’s monster 9 inches took a rough, raw beating and shot off a volcanic cum shot in Part 1. He was ready to cum again but needed intense stimulation.

A Trifecta of Prostate Stimulation: If you have seen Brad and I together before, you know Brad loves when I massage his prostate from the inside out.  Fingering, a steel toy or my hard fat cock usually do the trick, tonight we pulled out all the stops and used all 3 to get this big boy off hard again.

A fan of the site sponsored the shoot and bought this metal toy with a small ball on one end and a big ball on the other, we used both to open Brad up, then my fingers took offer as I felt and massaged his prostate which was huge. I don’t know if if was because he came so hard in #141 just before this or he was just so full, but he was clearly ready to cum again.  

When he was feeling ready he said “I want the cock in me next, fuck me” slowly I went balls deep and busted a nut in his ass, the feeling of my warm cum in his ass took him over the edge again and for the second time that night Brad shot off another thick, foamy muscle load.

I should Write a Book: Seems I have a knack for knowing just where and when to touch a guys prostate; and viewers love it.  I think it comes from my natural ability as an ultimate alpha male to take control. You tell me, watch them all and leave your review!

#107 Miracle Worker Boss Massages Anthony Inside and Out was movie of the year in 2016.  I suspect that the Epic Edging series #141 and #142 with Brad and me will have the same response.  The best part is there are plenty more where that came from for future releases so collect them all.

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Comments: 4

cumvampire has it right. Awesome video.
Muscles on muscles! Awesome ending to a very hot video. Always love some boss and Brad action
Fantastic as always. Can never get enough Boss and ... ANYONE!
ok so I also saw 141, already left a review, it was amazing. I have a theory Boss has the ability to manipulate men mind and body, he really gets into their head because they want him there. Boss you edged not only Brad's body but his mind and his turn on was so intense that even that explosive first load didn't satisfy him he wanted your dick in him to hit his G spot and because it was you it satisfied his soul.