#141 Boss and Brad Epic Edging, Brad's Dick Takes a Beating -

Approx Run Time: 44 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 21


Two Parts Two Loads: This is just another one of those films where we are totally relaxed and most ourselves.  Brad and me (Boss) join up again in a special request, you asked for it video that wanted to see me edging and milking Brad.  That night was a total of 3 plus hours shooting that became a 2 part Epic Edging series that are now #141 and #142.

Brad’s Feet squirm and Legs Kick: #141 kicks the night off, Brad’s 9x7 monster takes a beating while for nearly 2 hours I bring Brad right to the edge and back off.  A 2 camera shoot captures every angle so you can see every vantage point.  We moved around and switched off at times Brad jerking himself off and showing off a raging 9 inch boner, flexing and posing, standing, sitting laying.  And then I take over again, we switch off on his dick with team work until he couldn’t hold out any longer and this muscle stud shot off a muscle load like never before, you get to see both angles of Brad squirming and twitching as his body releases an incredible load.

Going For Load 2: Now the task became how and what would stimulate him for a second load that same night; a professional prostate massage by The Boss, a stainless steel toy, fingers and my dick did the job in #142, Load 2 and Part 2 of this nights events.

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Comments: 2

This is an 11 out of 10! Fantastic
Saw both 141 and 142, Amazing! Boss you def are a miracle worker when it comes to manipulating a man. It's everything about you, its just your power and it is electric. These guys have intense orgasms, the big guys load in this one was enormous and it was all because you not only edged his body but his mind and his ego, he gave himself to you mentally. So intense that is why he was able to go again and wanted you to fuck him in 142.