#139 A New Man, Lil Jay's First Time -

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First Time Swallowing Made Him a New Man: At the end of this live cam, Jay, aka “Lil Jay” said he felt like a new mann.  Paying his way through college, Jay was referred to me the very night this cam took place.  He and I spoke, he said he was cool with giving me a full body massage and jerking me off; until he met me.  Admitting he had a secret turn on to Italian muscle it became clear he was willing to live a fantasy; he did.  It was his first time and he choked; literally!  Not because he didn’t do a damn good job at sucking, but to quote him “I just looked up at your body and thought this might be my only chance so I tried it.”  “it” meaning he wanted to swallow a thick muscle load for the first time and he did but not without what I guess is a normal reaction when you get a thick alpha load shot down your throat, he gagged and choked, nearly spit up.  That’s ok, he as come back for more, much more.  Lil Jay has become a regular cock sucker on call for the crew, this being his Muscle Mafia debut.  You will see, I pass him around the crew and he had a couple “first time” situations that made him keep coming back for more.  He is living the life of fantasy he didn’t know could exist. ( Some of these films and live encores will be VIP ONLY)

#139, Lil Jays first time was one of those cams with a long time supporter who leaves it up to me and my mood to tell him when he can watch me or any of the crew get serviced.  Jay’s number was in my phone for a while, we had text but this night I called him and asked if you wanted to break the ice.  With in 2 hours he was here, cam was set up and let it unfold.

Started with Jay giving a back and ass massage then rolled me over with my raging boner in his face and that were all his attention was focused from that moment on.

The sequel to this one is #140, Tuesday at 10.   Watch Lil Jay's cherry get popped!

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Comments: 2

Genuine scene, Lil Jay is obviously impressed by the Boss and wants to compliment him by doing something he always wanted to do but never found the right guy, and that is swallow his muscle sperm. I think it was hot how as Boss is shooting off in his mouth you see Jay's face and he makes sure Boss is completely done cumming, swallows then runs off camera to gag. That is respect! Saw 140 also, left my comments there very hot!
Really hot to see how the Boss has been bringing in new guys to be part of the CREW. There is a stable of muscle hunks who need to be serviced and there are guys in the CREW that live to worship muscle. The new guy Lil Jay is the lean jock who gets to have the Boss teach him the ropes! This scene is great because Lil Jay craves muscle, cock and jizz. It may be his first time but his need to take on the Boss is clear. Big turn on to see the way Boss sets this up and lets the pace move on its own ... but before too long the SportSex mind set is there and it's all about getting that horse cock sucked and that big load of cum down his new boy's throat.